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Spirit of the Mata Nui - Review

Nik the Three

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This is a topic to discuss my epic Spirit of the Mata Nui. Share your thoughts and critism here.


It is also your place to contribute to the story. You basically create a character like if you registered in RPG. Give it appearance, element, powers, weaknesses, bio and so on. Then you let me to get it into story and do anything with it without your further control. Before you do so, please read those rules:


1. Never post anything into epic's main topic. Registration goes into review topic (here).

2. Once you create a character, you have no control over it.

3. Character can become main protagonist, antagonist, be a peaceful villager... That's up to me.

4. Each person has currently limit of 3 characters.

5. Allowed species (limit per person in brackets) are Matoran, Turaga, Toa, Skakdi and Rahkshi.

5a. Number of Matoran is not limited (unless it don't exceeds overall limit). If Matoran becomes Toa, it does not count into your Toa limit.

5b. Turaga mainly help Matoran to progress in story. Only one Turaga per person.

5c. Only one Toa per person. As Matoran will play biggest part of the story, I suggest to not use Toa at all.

5d. Skakdi can be good, evil or neutral. Max 2 Skakdi per person.

5e. Rahkshi are not those smart Rahkshi, don't expect Corpus. Max 2 Rahkshi per person.

6. No too much overpowered characters. No modern technologies. Not even pistol (use Kanoka launchers (or something) instead).

7. Use common sense when creating your character.

8. Characters don't have to be all equal. This is not an RPG.

9. Character might or might not be included in next chapter released after its registration.

10. Do not ever role-play in review topic. Create character and fly away.


Character sheet

Name: Use common sense.

Species: Explained above.

Alignment: Matoran, Turaga and Toa are always good, Rahkshi is always evil and Skakdi can choose.

Element (if not Rahkshi): Any of six main elements and light for Matoran, Turaga and Toa. If light Matoran, also choose what it is disguised as. Every element for Skakdi (including secondaries and shadow).

Variation (if Rahkshi): Include Stage (1-6 allowed). Use these tables.

Gender (if not Rahkshi): Can choose for Matoran, Toa, Turaga and Skakdi (does not depends on element here, can't be neutral).

Personality: Self-explaining. Rahkshi has limited personality, but are not entirely dull.

Appearance: Self-explaining. Include weapons if any and Kanohi if Matoran, Toa or Turaga.

Powers and weaknesses: Can lift 5 Matoran at once, fears water and so.

Bio: Be brief, so it is easy for me to get it into the story.

Edited by Nik the Three

At some point, I'll suddenly go on hiatus. I'm sorry for that.

Nik, but still pronounced as Nick

The Great Vakama or Clue official topic

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This is a cool idea. I hope this will become popular.

Name: Olita
Species: Matoran
Alignment: Good
Element: Ice
Gender: Male

Personality: The unusual matoran of ice likes exploring and traveling around, so he often leaves Ko-Wahi to visit the other regions on Mata Nui. Unlike most Ko-Matoran, he is a sociable matoran and often tries to start conversations with the other matoran in his village with no success.

Appearance: The ice matoran has light blue feet, wrists and hands. His torso and kanohi are the same color while the rest of his body is white. Oddly, his eyes are yellow instead of blue and they can be seen through the eyeholes of his noble Ruru.

Powers & Weaknesses: As a matoran of ice, Olita has a natural resistance to the colds of Ko-Wahi. However, without drinking enough water, he will faint in extreme heat.

Biography: Olita spent most of his life on Metru Nui and after the great cataclysm, he was relocated to Mata Nui with no memories of his past life.

Name: Liuthirahk
Species: Rahkshi
Alignment: Evil
Variation: Level six Laser Vision

Personality: Laser vision rahkshi prefer to hide in the shadows and wait for their targets to appear. When they claim a cave as their territory, they will leave a scorched line on the cave wall to mark it and if anyone invades, their bright red eyes will flash as a warning sign before attacking.

Appearance: Rahkshi of Laser Vision have orange hands and feet along with a red head and Kraata case. Their staff ends are silver blades that look like enlarged Takea teeth and their spines are wing-like in design.

Powers & Weaknesses: Aside from being skilled in fighting with a staff, the rahkshi of laser vision's eye beams can cut through Protodermis and when the staff is divided, they can activate flight mode. In flight mode, their staffs cannot be reconnected or they will cancel their transportation and crash. Their bright eyes can make them stand out in darkness, which hinders their ability to hide.

Biography: A rahkshi of laser vision will be created when a Kraata is dipped into energized Protodermis. After the suit is created, a second Kraata will serve as the pilot.

Name: Bakira
Species: Skakdi
Element: Gravity
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female

Personality: She is an amoral criminal, it doesn't matter if matoran hate her or other criminals have a grudging respect for her. The skakdi of gravity will take any job if she is paid well enough for it, regardless of what the job is. However, she seems to believe that unity is an important virtue every inhabitant of Mata Nui should practice and often puts her own wants aside if there is something that needs to be done for the greater good.

Appearance: The gravity skakdi is tall, beautiful and stacked. She has three sharp claws on each foot and long legs to go with them. Her wide hips give off a feminine vibe and she has an athletic build. Bakira wears black form fitting armor and her organic tissue is sand violet. Contrary to popular belief, skakdi have varying eye colors and her eyes are yellow. Despite the two not being related, her spines resemble Reidak's. Her weapon is a simple Protodermis sledgehammer.

Powers & Weaknesses: Aside from being able to fight well with a hammer, she can activate her powers when working together with another skakdi. Due to a traumatic event involving a swarm of Nui-Rama, Bakira will either run away in fear or become paralyzed and unable to move.

Biography: The skakdi of gravity has lived her life as a criminal doing the dirty work for wealthy clients. One day, she was sent to destroy a Nui-Rama hive in return for being paid with a million widgets. After the giant flies swarmed her and left her in a critical condition, she became fearful of the insects and refused to go near a single hive.

Edited by Lewa the Soaring Champion

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Name: Nendrek

Species: Skakdi

Alignment: Good

Element: Acid

Gender: Male (Age: 15 in human years)

Personality: Shy yet Friendly but at times Sarcastic and sometimes Rude.

Appearance: A rather young Skakdi with a squat body and relatively large feet, short yet strong limbs, and a rather long tail (especially for his rather young age). He has a static bolt launching bow that can be split into two swords, and he has a large claw on his left hand that helps him aim and fire his bow as well as being a useful close quarters melee combat weapon.

Powers and weaknesses: He can lift large objects up to 2 times his size, is very agile and quick, he is often difficult to spot. He becomes deathly afraid of close wet spaces if he's exposed there for too long (such as a small wet cave for example)

Bio: Originating from the island of Zakaz, he was disgusted by his fellow Skakdi brothers and sisters so at a young age he left that world behind and tried in vein to join the Order of Mata Nui multiple times before finally reaching their ranks, Nendrek is now a skilled and stealthy member who often plays the role of a spy or surveyor to find out information that the Order needs.



(don't ask me why the colors are all weird, I have no way to answer this)

Edited by AidanBionicle1

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I will wait with Chapter 1 for more characters.


Also, try to not include too much canon things in bio. Things like "he moved to Ko-Koro, because he wanted to learn reading ancient symbols" are more than alright, but my story is mainly non-canon.

At some point, I'll suddenly go on hiatus. I'm sorry for that.

Nik, but still pronounced as Nick

The Great Vakama or Clue official topic

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