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Music Question


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It's an unnamed composition by Paul Hardcastle and Simon Fuller, who made all the advert music from 2001-2005. Unfortunately, I contacted Hardcastle, and the original pieces seem to no longer exist.

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"The Kingslayer"


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I've heard that Simon Fuller and Paul Hardcastle composed music for the earlier TV ads. From Wikipedia. So take that as you will.


I know that Hardcastle did the Power Pack and that according to his biography they collaborated in 2005, so it's possible that there's other stuff in between not mentioned.


I'm not so sure that the two would work together for five years to create twenty-seconds blurbs for toys.


Or it could be stock music. Unfortunately I've never found some sort of database where the music used in commercials is publicly listed. There are so many stock music sites it's impossible to narrow it down to what this particular track is, and if it's a custom cue it's probably not publicly available online at all. :(


Long story short: who knows?

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