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Kopaka the Toa


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Kopaka the Toa was cold as they come,

His silence and scowling were never quite done.

Now hark to the tale of his thawing and glee

When he happily solved all of life’s mystery!


It happened one day he was stuck in the jungle

For his Le-Koro guides their directions had bungled,

When along came a Fikou, dangling from a tree,

That descended and stopped to sit on his knee!


It cried, “I’m just a Fikou, but I know a lot,

I can teach you to tell if a fire is still hot!

More importantly, I know a lot about masks

So you’d better prepare to inhale many gasps!


I can teach you to climb to the top of a tree

And thenceforth to use your Akaku to see

All the treasure and smiles and jolly good weather

That occur when Matoran endeavor together.


I can teach you to don your Mahiki with glee,

Playing pranks like Matau does so mischievously,

While Matoran are guessing at what isn’t real,

The greatest of laughter and mirth will they feel.


Or to wear a Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed

To rush to the aid of all those who’re in need,

Whether they need a rescue from thickets of axes

Or simply forgot the promptness of their taxes.


I know also Pakari, that gives one great strength,

Including the strength to walk roads of great length,

So that you may reach Kini-Nui’s great door

Or at least help old Nuju to go to the store.


And last there’s Matatu, of telekinesis,

Quite useful for sending out products of Reeses

Or simply to lift some stones out of the way

So that helpless Matoran can have a nice day.


These Kanohi, you see, very well then will serve

As you seek to do service with gumption and verve,

The Matoran will finally reside in peace

And Vakama will finally pay off that lease!


Mata Nui’s great donor Kopaka will be,

Saving Toa from tax fraud and maybe Rahi,

So happy, they may halt their Quest for the Masks

As each cute McToran so cheerfully asks:


‘Who was it who saved our great island from doom

When Ta-Koro was crowded with not enough room,

Who saved us from crabs, Kane-Ra, and Muaka?’

‘Never fear, young Matoran; it was noble Kopaka.’ ”


But Kopaka was puzzled, he hadn’t a clue,

“All these things and more I already do!

What does any of this have to do with old me?”

“It does not!” Fikou cried, and leapt back in his tree.

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Thanks, everyone!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


Hilarious again! XD You've got a great talent for rhyming, there [ :P]


Thanks, bionicleFanatic! :) It was fun to come up with!  It's fun to rhyme using those three-syllable Bionicle names. :P

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