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Rock Band / Guitar Hero / other rhythm games


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so i'm a huge Rock Band fan (been playing for years; i do custom charts and everything), and i need to talk about rhythm games to people who might kind of care instead of ranting at my half-dozen twitter followers who largely don't give a flying V. someone on bzpower has to be interested in this stuff, right? (i'm kidding. i know someone is. harmonix actually follows black six on twitter. look if you don't believe me)


anyway, i thought in light of today's DLC announcement for Rock Band 4, and with the game just over a month away, it would be a good time to try and start up a thread about this stuff here. so hey, what are people's thoughts on the second coming of rock games? personally i'm disappointed in harmonix's choice to leave out keys in RB4...but i'm holding out hope for an upgrade sometime in the future. the setlist looks decent, but there are so many songs on there that i'd so much rather play with a keyboard.


(also, since Rock Band/Guitar Hero is still kind of too specific for a thread on BZP, i figure this could also serve as a rhythm game general thread. knock yourselves out)

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