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They fear him. The villagers fear him, the Toa fear him, even Kulta fears him. They know as soon as they see him, it's too late. Because once he's upon you, all you can do is scream.

Don't cross the Skull Ripper.



Insane in life and death, Skull Ripper could care less about masks. Instead, he decapitates anyone unfortunate enough to encounter him. He collects their skulls with his deadly dual-ended blade and keeps them as grisly trophies.



Skull Ripper with his blade and chain



Skull Ripper without any weapons



Action pose


The whole idea behind this MOC started out when I was building RolloutReviews' 2015 Akamai. I removed the eyestalks from the Toa heads to attach to the sword, and I imagined Kulta standing on a mound of those heads. The idea evolved from there into a new villain, and, seeing as Water didn't have a Skull villain, I made him blue.


If you have any questions or want more pictures, I'll see what I can do.


is this too dark?

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I've removed some armor and added some bone pieces. I'll get pictures of the back and weapons.


EDIT: Here they are:



New, improved Skull Ripper. Lower arms and legs replaced with bone pieces, Toa feet replaced with Protector feet.



The gear function still works



The maces are made up of a head attached to a 3-long blue pin, which is then (loosely) connected to a chain piece.



The end of the maces take a leaf from Skull Slicer's book.

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I really like the way you've armored the torso (the feet on the shoulders, the chest armor layering). The color scheme looks really good, though just a hint of red somewhere might bring it out more. Oh, and I agree with EI-P: the legs looked better before you changed them.


Also, would it work better to attach the skull to the chain with one of these?




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