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*Begin Transmission 57758 at 23:48.


Hey there! Seems you stumbled upon my datatrack somehow. Oh, who am I kidding, I've been pushing this on all the major 'nets. Anyways, ladies and gents, here's the star of the show: Havoc II!




Err.... that's one of her forms anyways. You see, the beauty of this ship is that she's totally modular! Is... is that the right word?




I can configure her how I need to for my current robbery  vandalizing ventures! It's pretty useful for different situations and lets me escape the fuzz rush hour space-traffic.




Here's the weaponry: a pair of military-grade frontal laser cannons, two sets of plasma rockets, and a totally legal rotating rocket turret!




The storage pod can carry my captures citizens who are up to no good and need to be turned in, or all this cool stuff I didn't steal from rich dudes!




The whole deal's powered by Mars Crystals, which are powerful but run out quickly. A good buddy of mine.... loaned me the groundbreaking blueprints for the easy-removal boxes.




Well, I've got to be going now. Blast ya later!


End transmission


Any further image inquiries are to be placed to Space Police Division 39, as the vehicle has been taken into their custody.



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