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Staring Contest Continues, a MNOLG Edit


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Have you ever been too lazy to use your imagination when reading a story? No? :P Well let me introduce this illustration for my news comedy Staring Contest Continues anyway (click for full size):







Everything is based off the descriptions in the story, which is a quick read if you want to enjoy the art a little more.  All the characters involved make appearances. :P


This was my first test of Roablin’s very nice MNOLG Kit; this wouldn’t be possible without all his and others’ work!  Thanks, guys!  :)


Credit goes to Roablin, Matoran Onknu, Kojol, Bob 4104, Turahaga, and Takuma Nuva for the various parts of the MNOLG Kit, the MNOLG itself for the Ko-Koro background, Lego for the R2-D2 image, and BZP for the letters from the old Mata Nui Alphabet Decoder. :P

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Pretty nice, but why is Nuju staring at me?


I'm getting a bit of a chill.


I agree, Nuju is scary. :P In all seriousness, I think Nuju the referee works as a good focal point for the picture.



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