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Clavis, Toa of Lightning


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Note: Knowledge of Kingdom Hearts helps


Clavis is a mysterious Toa that arrived in Okoto soon after Tahu and his team. His origins are unknown, but he controls the element of lightning, wields a Keyblade, and wears a mysterious mask that is able to change shape and powers at will. He tends to keep to himself, however, Gali stumbled upon him one day... and he seemed to be having a conversation with his mask... His armor also seems to adapt to any new environment.




Current Version: 1.5
Armor Composition: Adaptive Protosteel
Operating System: Mata Nui
Toa Element: Lightning
Default Mask: Kanohi Ignika (shaped as glowing, golden Mask of Stone)
Weaponry: Skull Shocker Keyblade v1.5, Electro Shield v1.5, Shoulder Cannon (formerly), Dual Electric Blades/Hoverboard


Armor v1.0 (Adapted for Skull Spiders)

Unequipped v1.0 Clavis

Equipped v1.0 Clavis

Skull Shocker Keyblade v1.0

Electro Shield v1.0

Dual Electric Blades/Hoverboard


Upon entering the graveyard in Okoto, Clavis was infected by Kulta's evil energy. The Ignika ejected itself and Mata Nui fought with an infected Clavis.

Infected Clavis with evil energy mask


Armor v1.5 (Adapted for Skeleton Opponents)

Equipped v1.5 Clavis

Edited by Clavis
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Great work! I really like that the colour scheme compliments the element and makes the mask look right at home. The shield's jagged edges convey sporadic energy well and the horns/spikes at the back look very conductive! My only feedback is that the way the key blade is being gripped at 90 degrees looks uncomfortable and limits possibility, so I'd recommend adding connector pegs + short pipe pieces to the handle which allow the hand to be positioned more naturally. Otherwise great detailing and balance all around!

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