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Running, Jumping and KICKING Pohatu 2015 MOC

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Hey guys for the Month of Stone I revised the Toa of Stone to re-orient the gearbox to allow the speed demon to run and kick! Though Pohatu ended up a little pear-shaped I like to imagine it's mimicking the real life Roadrunner bird which shares the same triangular figure. Plus claws! Anyway please comment with feedback, I tried to use as many themes from the 2001/2002 sets as I could with spiked biceps, armoured toes/shoes, claws etc.

Pohatu2015 Abdomen Re-Gearing by Bryce Duyvewaardt- Front

Pohatu2015 Abdomen Re-Gearing by Bryce Duyvewaardt- Mid-Kick!

Pohatu2015 Abdomen Re-Gearing and Guardian of Stone 2015 revision with The Golden Mask of Speed by Bryce Duyvewaardt


ps if anyone would like a close-up of the Protector's Sure Shot blaster let me know and I'll make room in my uploads to add it!

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