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Tarantura - The Dark Terror

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Under the cover of darkness or in the blackness of space, this bio-mechanical beast is an absolute terror on the battlefield.  His long, spindly frame allows for unequaled speed and agility in combat.  He excels as a melee fighter as well as at range, with his twin back-mounted blaster cannons.


This is Tarantura, the Dark Terror. . .









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Thanks for the feedback fellas!


I find myself using the crotch hose pretty frequently because I don't like seeing the gap between the thigh bone and the torso frame.  The only way I can think to fill it without hurting articulation (an absolute no-no for me) is to wrap the hose around it and plug into the two conveniently located holes in the groin of the chest armor.

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This thing is amazing! I like the animalistic look you've given it, with the claws and digitigrade legs. The Purple and non-standard head shape also helps give it an Alien edge. Good work!




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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I can't get over how cool this is. The combination of silver and grey with the central purple, topped off with those few red details... Moreover, the overly large extremities, head design and arm blasters make it look like something that walked straight out of Digimon. Any other evolutions? ;)

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