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Meta-Matoran or How Two Matoran Conquered The Society Of A Human's


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This is a tale about two Matoran. They were also meta. Did I tell you that they are Matoran? Well, they're Matoran. Ah, there it is again... Matoran. AGAIN! Man, I'm good at this Matoran thing. Matoran. Oh! I almost forgot! Not only are they Matoran, they are meta! Alright, enough of that. This isn't just about Meta-Matoran, you know. The title can be misleading. Don't always trust anything that's written down. Life lesson right there.


As the writer's mass-deprived hands reached down into the constraction parts pin, he continued on with the intent to construct a duo of memorable, poster-boy Matoran. Most of his constraction stuff by that point wasn't even his own design, so he sought to stop spending money on Protectors and design something himself. That's when it clicked inside his head. 


"That's it! I'll just take some uninspired inspiration from CallanLoF's minimalist Matoran designs! It'll be perfect!" thought the writer who's definitely not Professor Turnip.


A few hours and a few quadrillion torso designs later, he had finally built his two poster-biomechanical beings. Their names soon came to be Lalex and Deklei. For the first few days after Lalex and Deklei's creation, the two were adored. I mean, seriously. They were displayed on the writer's desk so many times, you wouldn't believe it. That was until human psychology kicked in and stopped caring about the two, which led the writer to leave the two on a quaint display shelf next to all of his Monster Fighters sets. Little did he know, Toy Story rules apply to any hunk of plastic with a face. Or a name. Or the wishing for it to be alive. Alright, the rules are next to nonexistent, but the point still stands. Unfortunately, Lalex and Deklei were among the tens of tens of other, neglected models. Following that fateful day, Lalex and Deklei had attempted to make a life for themselves in this dystopia-for-toys known as the writer's bedroom. Needless to say, life was pretty tough out there. I mean, we've got Aldous Witch patrolling the place being all high and mighty. Ugh.


:smilenuparu: (I hear Eljay wants to assassinate that guy...)


"Deklei! Deklei! DEKLEI! OPEN YOUR VISION HOLES! WE HAVE TO GO TO THE DRAGON FIGHTS, REMEMBER?" screamed Lalex at the top of his lungs.


"Alright! I heard you! No need to yell in all caps. Let's go, then." asserted Deklei.


"Do you know about our method of transportation?" queried Lalex.


"Why, yes I do. I could hardly forget about the fact that are walking there. It's really not that far."


"Well, that would be right, but the minifigures are causing some major traffic in the Giant's Pass. We'll have to take a boat there."


"A boat? Really? Couldn't we just catch the Ultra Dragon Bus?" 


"No can do. We don't have enough universe credits to hitch a ride on that thing. You spent it all on scarf made of pure silver, remember?"


"Oh yeah, that. I guess you're right, though. That bus is too prestigious for a bus if you ask me about the prestigiousness of buses." 


"Must be pretty prestigious."


"You have no idea. Anyway, how exactly are we going to the Dragon Fights again?"


"Uh... we'll go through Giant's Pass."


"Are you insane? The thing is still teeming with minifigures. Ain't no way we're going to go past them without being arrested for minifigure stomping."


"Well... it's 10:45... and the fights have already started. The Pass should be at the very least 60% clear."


After that unnecessarily long conversation, Lalex and Deklei bravely decided to go through the frankly deadly Giant's Pass in the hopes that they would make it through and catch the Dragon Fights before the irritating campaign ads for Kulta's potential presidential position.


Writer's note: Will expand later.



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Ha! I tricked you into reading my signature!



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