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The Green Ci-Toa watched the Decepticon with an admiring look in his eye. He had almost forgotten that he was currently bound with energy bonds. An image flickered on Soundwave's face-screen-thing of a toa just like him without a mask. A question mark appeared in front of it. Dane snapped out of his lovesick state. "Oh? What am I? I am a Toa, sir. May I ask why you can't speak? I would love to hear a voice come out of such a handsome..whatever you are." The robot didn't move, the question mark remaining on his "face". It was kind of obvious why. "Is there anything else? These bonds aren't really necessary sir, I'm not going to hurt you." The robot shook his head, before walking towards the door, raising his hand to open it with the control pad. Dane didn't stop him, he was too busy staring at him.

"Oh, he is a dream."

A few hours later, another robot was thrown in the prison with him. This one appeared to be a female. She was relatively small, only a bit bigger than him. He only noticed when she landed right in his face, knocking him over. "Ow. What was that for? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at the Ga-Matoran seals, and I have over 200 confirmed rahi masks!" The robot looked at him, an angry yet confused look in her face. "It wasn't my fault! I'm a prisoner, like you. And what's a Ga-Matoran?" The toa looked at her like she was stupid. "Man, you guys aren't from around here....where are we anyway?" The blue robot stood up. "Cybertron, aboard the Nemesis." Dane's eyes lit up. "I have a nemesis too. I call him Nato. Or annoying drop bear for short." One of the robot's metallic eyebrows raised. "You got a name?" "Dane, the downfall of BZPower, Memelad, Natosbane..." "I'll just stick with Dane. The name's Arcee. I'd shake your hand if we both weren't restrained." The Toa of Lemons grinned. "Don't worry, I'll get Mr Cool Visor to let us out." The eyebrow shot back up again. "Soundwave? He's like the dictionary definition of an emotionless husk. Right next to Shockwave." "Man, you robot's names are all so stupid. Next we'll find someone called Ham Sandwich." The blue transformer rolled her eyes, and leaned up against the wall, waiting for Soundwave to return.

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Chatper 2

The Decepticon eventually returned, with a large laser rifle in his hands.

The two prisoners stood up, Dane pushing Arcee over. She growled at him, but did nothing.

The Decepticon suddenly fired the gun, killing Arcee almost instantly.

"What did you do that for!" Dane cried. An symbol appeared on Soundwave's visor. It was an Autobot insignia. "What's that?" The Ci-Toa asked.

Soundwave shook his head.

He then grabbed the Toa by the neck, and began to carry him out of the room. "UGH..CAN'T....BREATHE." Dane croaked, clawing at Soundwave's deceptively (get it lol) strong fingers. The Decepticon walked to the airlock, before pressing the button to open it. He raised his arm, along with Dane as well. He then threw him out of the airlock, down into BZ-Nui below.

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