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The 1000 Word 2001 Poem


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The six Toa Mata were gathered together

Beneath a great palm tree to hide from the weather.

Tahu was all fiery, Kopaka was cold,

And Pohatu was feeling a little bit old.


But now their Turaga all started to speak

And a couple stray birds also opened their beaks;

Before long they realized they needed some quiet

Lest the impatient Toa have reason to riot.


So now old Vakama gave signals for silence,

As Gali diffused Tahu’s urges for violence;

The orange Turaga began to recount,

“This is what’s on the island: Don’t forget or I’ll pounce!


In Ta-Koro, citizens live off the lava:

They farm it, they surf it, they fill it with Java;

You see, the great Guardsmen must always rise early,

But they find they cannot always drain their coffee.


Great Jaller is Ta-Koro’s valiant captain,

You’ll seldom observe that his Guardsmen are nappin’;

Although if they are simply give them a shove

And they’ll strive for the glory they were dreaming of.


There’s also Kapura, who moves very slow,

Though he’ll always notice Makuta the Foe;

Feel free to ignore his dire warnings of dread

And take note of the fact that his body’s all red.


And then there’s Takua, whom nobody likes;

He thought it was funny to flood all our dikes!

We banished him so he could think on his deeds,

And maybe fulfill his emotional needs.


Matau leads Le-Koro, which sits in the trees;

The people there try not to anger the bees.

They beat upon drums and they play upon flutes,

And rumors report that they used to ride chutes.


Kongu fights off Rahi while riding a bird;

He also speaks Treespeak, haven’t you heard?

His best friend Tamaru is clumsy but quick:

Infected Kanohi won’t soon make him sick!


Dark Onu-Koro’s the one underground,

They founded it ‘cause protodermis they found;

Turaga Whenua has problems galore,

So if you find lightstones, he might need some more!


Onepu races and marshals the Ussals,

His best friend Taipu has a lot of arm muscles;

Some people gossip that Taipu is dumb,

But purple Matoran stick out like sore thumbs.


Nuparu is Onu-Koro’s inventor,

He makes sure equipment won’t soon lose its splendor;

He puts up with Whenua’s pitiful pay – Who knows?

He might make something useful some day!


Ko-Koro is cold because it’s on a mountain,

Before it was frozen, they once had a fountain;

If you try to talk they might give you dark looks

‘Cause they’d rather be all alone reading their books.


Their Turaga is Nuju, whom none understand,

It’s said he speaks only by moving his hands;

Of all the Turaga, he is the most wise,

Although you can’t tell by his relative size.


Matoro’s the trapper who hunts for Muaka –

That is, when he’s not bumping into Kopaka;

He’s the only one who knows what old Nuju says,

And Jaller believes he eats snow-flavored Pez.


Kopeke the carver is not very nice,

But sometimes he’ll carve people things out of ice;

His Komau is currently colored sand-blue,

But Nuju says later he’ll get something new.


Turaga Onewa, Turaga of Stone

Leads Po-Koro, carvers and sports players’ home;

Their Toa Pohatu is steady but slow,

Except when he wears his Kakama, you know.


Hewkii is Po-Koro’s cool Koli champ,

He usually runs their Sand Sports Summer Camp;

When he writes to Macku, he won’t leave out a stamp

But he never prefers to get soggy or damp.


Hafu the carver is overly proud,

And many complain that his carving’s too loud;

Some say that Hafu is not very nice

But he’ll always create something for the right price!


And last there’s Ga-Koro, where they’re only girls,

And sometimes, it’s said, they go diving for pearls;

Nokama instructs them, ‘Find harakeke plants!’

– That is, when she’s not kicking me in the pants!


Macku’s a swimmer, and expert in boats;

If you throw her in water, she probably floats!

She oft visits Hewkii, whom she thinks is cute,

No matter how long or unsafe is the route.


About Kotu, there’s not much I can say,

She probably swims or sews rigging all day;

Nokama informs me that she’s her left hand,

– That’s strange, because often she lies on the sand.


Ga-Koro’s other assistant is Hahli,

She’s shy, but she’s also sporadically jolly;

On my captain Jaller, she must have a crush:

She gave him some ice, but it turned into slush.


So those are the villages, totaling six –

Take note: Most of them are made out of mud bricks;

And so, as you try to accomplish your quest,

You’ll need to defend them; you must do your best!”


The island was alright, the Toa agreed;

Tahu observed that their fear had no need.

“If that’s all there is, I think we’ll be all set!”

“You fiery fool, I’ve not done Rahi yet!


First, Nui-Rama are beasts of the air,

While jumping through jungle, you’ll have to beware;

It’s said they’re hard-hearted and horrible, too,

Even though their Kanohi are transparent blue.


Everyone fears the fierce Nui-Jaga,

Much greater in size than your average Turaga!

In any case, you must be ready to bring

An antidote to stop the scorpion’s sting.


The Tarakava are the beasts of the sea;

At the sight of them, all the Ga-Matoran flee!

They wear a Kanohi on top of their heads,

And travel around using out-of-place treads.


Muaka and Kane-Ra are not the same,

Although both will put you in comparable pain;

Muaka are found in Ko-Koro’s cold drifts,

So if you sleep there, try to do it in shifts!


The Manas are Mata Nui’s mighty crabs,

They’re bred in Makuta’s old underground labs;

These crabs will be next-to-last foes on your quest,

So once you beat them, you can breeze through the rest!”


“Yippee!” cried the Toa, “That’s finally done!

This island is starting to seem like great fun!”

“Not yet,” sighed Vakama, “and I’ll tell you why:

Last but not least, you must beat the bad guy!


Makuta has hidden himself underground,

There he takes thought and plots without a sound;

From there he commands all the wild Rahi beasts,

And sometimes on recycled Kanohi feasts.


Although you will have collected all your masks,

Still accept assistance from any who ask;

A Chronicler should pass with you through the door,

To write it up should you end up on the floor.


Beware, the Makuta can take any form,

But I’m told that a musky Matoran’s the norm;

So up from the floor this Matoran may rise,

Underestimate not, in spite of its small size!”


But Vakama paused, and Lewa inquired:

“It seems against us all the odds have conspired!

One thing there is we would all like to know:

Just how can we beat this Makuta the Foe?”


Now old Turaga Nokama spoke up,

As a thirsty Whenua refilled his clay cup,

“To his own pride the Makuta is tethered:

To beat him, the six Toa must work together!”


To hear this news, most of the Toa were glad,

Although cold Kopaka was visibly mad;

But Tahu asked, “What’s after Makuta’s cloud?”

“Silent!” cried Matau, “Spoilers aren’t allowed!”

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XD excellent work [ :P] I'm going to run this through a quick code tomorrow, and see if it really is 1000 words [:P]


Thanks! :P It's actually just under 1200 words according to my word processor, but I don't remember how it counts hyphens. :P I figured no one would mind if it was actually more than 1000. :P

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Thanks, guys!


Great work! Quite funny and a good overview of the 2001 arc. :)


Thanks, Erasmus! :) I wanted to try and fit everything in, and I think I did! I could have gone on about all the different Kanohi, but I had already sort of done that in "Kopaka the Toa." :P

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