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Hopefully this won't get taken down, technically it's not one-click.




Every day, hundreds six Toa are attacked for their differences. Other characters call them worthless, bully them, and physically hurt them. But you can help these Toa. Don't put people down for their differences. Your monthly donation of 4 Cordak bullets will help one of these Toa in need. If you call now, we'll even send you a picture of the Toa as well as a free copy of Crashed by Daughtry.


Don't hesitate another moment. call today.


Stop the Hate.

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It certainly is a click-bait. Could use some more sparkles. Joke aside, watch text placement, one of them is really hard to see against the light background. Not sure about some of the compositional quirks either, but the picture looks nice?


New pages are up! Click to see latest! \(°u°)/

Gallery & conceptart topic - Current: Pre-mut & pre-ev Makuta: Krika | Antroz | Vamprah | Miserix | Bitil | .. 

Older pics: Helryx's Fury | Makuta Sethuldur | Order's Call (no necro k? C8)

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0/10 Needs more Arzaki


Looks like someone's been watching too many ad campaigns. :P

Everything needs more me.

:a: :r: :z: :a: :k: :i:

I got Monster Hunter World on PS4, add me at bmrjw2 if you want

Also I play FFXIV, my main is Anastasia Willow on Exodus but I've got characters on every NA datacenter.

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