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SamDrew's Trade/Sale


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Hello friends!


Here's what I have up for grabs. Primarily seeking to trade but am more than happy to PM you prices if you'd rather buy.


This is what I have on hand, but if you are looking for a specific item please do ask, I can dig around and look for it


I am in the US and prefer to deal with US buyers, but am flexible if you've got a great offer :)




Kanohi (scratching on the kanohi metru, some scuffs on the hau, the rest look great, feel free to request more photos)



Krana (I have more but these are the ones I want to get rid of most, so ask if you want something not shown)





Lehvahk $7

Pahrak $7

Turaga Vakama $8

McToran Maku/Macku (missing disk) $4

Toa Metru Vakama (missing disk) $9




Orange Vahi

Dark Blue Ruru Metru

Yellow Komau

Teal Kakama

Ultimate Dume Kraahkan

Mask of Scavenging (Vultraz)

Dark Green Huna Hordika

Light Trans-Blue Rau (Dalu)

Poisoned Hau Nuva (any of the 4)


(And of course those I can only dream of and hope for, but hey, you never know...)

Gold Ignika

Pearl Gold Kraakhan

UK Copper Huna & Komau

Any Protodermic Nuva Masks

Any Misprints

Any Prototypes

Movie Kraahkan


Aside from those, being my priority wants, I also fancy mata kanohi, noble kanohi, and some phantoka/mistika masks, so feel free to make your own offers of any sort. 


If you'd like to make an offer or have any questions, comment or shoot me a PM. Thanks all!!

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Hey Sam, I happen to have a few of these if you're interested but I'm only looking to sell, nothing left to trade for! Let me know via pm if I can help you out with anything!


Orange Vahi

Poisoned Hau Nuva (unsure which without looking)

Copper Huna (unsure which) & Komau

Protodermic Miru Nuva


Got a bunch of other masks too but would need to check to see which so let me know if you're interested in any of that! Cheers, T

Check out my Bionicle store on Bricklink here!

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Let me know if you can help me find these last few collectibles!


Also looking for WILD KRAATA and a VMKK Yo!!!


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I have a scratched-up but still intact Kakama Phantoka, a Noble Avsa, and the golden 2010 STARS Hau, if you're interested. I'm looking at the Hunas, but if you're interested in parting with the Mahikis, I'd be interested.

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