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Icarus Benjamin's Birthday


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I'm sorry, it's Ben"Yamin"


Happy Birthday, and don't forget...


This year, I had pie.


The pie is a truth.


Thanks to everyone who wishes me a happy birthday. I had a pretty dang good haul this year. Managed to pick up a few good things and snagged myself Ekimu and Kulta at Wal-Mart.


Now, if nobody minds, I must go thank the five bajillion people who wanted to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook.



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The Valkyrie

The "Christmas Brick"


My BZPRPG Profiles


Now a proud member of The Kanohi Force


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With sword ready at the topic's throat and it's head beneath his heel, Iaredios utters a single line to it in a deep gravely voice, "Hope you had a Happy Birthday..." before completing the finishing blow. Now it is only for the Staff to give final rights to this dead man and leave it to rest in peace.



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We are all but grey specks in a dark complex before a single white light

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