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Gresh: The Warrior Rookie


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As promised, I have returned with a revamp of Gresh, the rookie we all knew and loved from the first half of 2009. Although he's probably got the most simplistic build of the four, I explored a lot of new techniques on the back of his torso, and with the Hordika legs.


"I'm bigger, stronger, and faster than the Agori. I've got a shield and a launcher, and I know how to use them. I'm a Glatorian. Doesn't that mean I have to protect people who aren't as strong as I am?"

— Glatorian Gresh, Raid on Vulcanus






Shield Mode




Action Pose

I shall be returning sometime mid-next week with Kiina! Please comment, and give a thumbs up if you liked it!

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I like the foot design, it takes advantage of the hollow space underneath the dark green foot and I can see a lot of potential with its use. I'm not sure about how I feel with the Metru gearbox, it makes him look more bulky when viewed from the back, but in the last picture, it looks like he has a bag or a really big hump.

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Nice job again! :) The attempt to make him bulkier definitely worked, with things like the replacement of the Rahkshi legs with thicker, more believable ones. I think the best change is simply the replacement of most of the visible black in the color scheme; the light green and dark green work much better together as main colors for the character.


Thanks for posting!

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