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This took me a while to figure out it's a skeleton without reading the description.


Nice arms, BTW. I can't say much else since i don't know the game.

It's a fairly new game so I'm not surprised people have not heard of it yet. 

It's basically a RPG with some nice twists and turns to the genre.


I love the way you made him skeletal with the ridged connectors and gears. However, where are the silver shoulder guards from?


I think they're Nuva shoulders but with the holes hidden by the cape. What I want to know is where did that chestpiece come from.

The shoulders are the new shoulder plate piece from the Star-Wars Ultrabuilds. The silver ones are from Jango. This MOC also uses a white one on the top of his head.


The chest is not a single piece :P It's a custom one made out Knight's Kingdom shoulder plates and a Gahlok-Kal shield (his cape is connected to the Gahlok-Kal shield).

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I had a signature once

it's gone now

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did I mention how excited I was when I saw your name finally show up on the entry list


This is great man, you nailed the iconic visual of Papyrus perfectly. The build is clean, concise, and a lot of fun. You've got my vote for sure!

hey it's Studio Comic

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