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BBC #71: The Groundskeeper


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~The Groundskeeper~




“Though their appearance is often frightening, gourd-sprites are benign plant creatures, generally held in service by prestigious families as caretakers. They are tasked with tending to the local shrubs, caring for family pets, and keeping malevolent forest spirits at bay. A well-kept gourd-sprite is loyal, practical, and can stay in a family’s service for upwards of 200 years.”

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hey it's Studio Comic

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My, my, my... This was immediately a seller for me, and that was just looking at the head. Excellent details, shaping, and all-around looking like a wicked Jack-o-lantern. The stick limbs are very well done, and the coat is great, especially with that swishing trail. 


This one's a winner in my book! :D

~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



~Credit for Avatar and Banner goes to


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Pumpkins are pretty much my favorite part of Halloween, so when I saw your moc I was pleasantly surprised! You did the old jackolantern justice! I love how you crafted the head of this moc, the pieces flow together very nicely. I also love how you managed to give it a nice spooky expression. The spindly body gives off a scarecrow vibe and that ties nicely in to the creepy aesthetic as well. Great work overall!


Good luck in the contest!

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Excellent head technique! I was personally going for a pumpkin-head theme for my Headless Horseman, but after seeing this I knew I wouldn't be able to come close to how good it was, so I decided against it. I'd wish you luck, but I doubt you'll be needing any :P





"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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