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Which Toa's Which? (Halloween 2015 Special)

Lewa0111 Nuva

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Did ya miss me? :P


Which Toa's Which?

A BIONICLE comedy by Me!

Part 1 of the Lewa# Studios Holiday Series 2015-2016


It was another ordinary day in the Nuva Inn.


Lewa was relaxing in his Manager's Suite while pretending to be doing work, Onua was breaking the fourth wall repeatedly, Pohatu was being dumb, Tahu was lighting the kitchen on fire, Takanuva was repairing said kitchen, Kopaka was janitating the hotel by himself, Gali was splitting into two people again, and Tava (the resident Toa of Pie) was amusing himself by spawning a pie waterfall ("pie-terfall?") into his mouth.


Yep, like I said. Another ordinary day.


"Hey everyone," said Gali1, walking in from the pool room.


"I'm not Everyone! My name's Some Guy! It's like you can't tell one Po-Matoran from another," complained the Po-Matoran named Some Guy, who was standing in the lobby. He walked off in a huff.


With a :blink:, Gali1 stared after him. Onua looked up from his computer. "Oh, hi Gali1. Yeah, Some Guy's been staying here all week. He's...a little sensitive."


"A little?" echoed Gali1.


Just then, Lewa's special edition solid gold Manager's Elevator dinged, and the Toa of Air emerged. "Emergency meeting in the computer room, guys! Quick! It's super-urgent!"


Knowing Lewa, Gali1 was sure it was nowhere near as urgent as he was making it sound. But, after all, she had nothing better to do, and she was curious. "Fine, let's go," she agreed.


"We have a computer room?" asked Onua.


Lewa paused for a moment. "TAKANUVA!!" he called out. Five seconds later, the Toa of Light zapped the side of the 285th story, creating a computer room instantly. "See? Now we do."





A few minutes later, all the Toa Nuva (plus Takanuva) (and Tava) had gone into the newly-created computer room. "Right," said Lewa as he started up the computer, "now that we're all here, I--hang on, we're missing someone!" The assembled Toa looked around, but didn't notice anyone in particular missing. "Gali1, where's your other half?"


"Oh. She's out shopping, actually."




"No, she's using her own money. Don't make me drench you in water..."


The manager huffed. "I hate water. Fine, we'll start without her.” Then, the Toa of Air looked over at where Takanuva and Tava were standing. “Hey, what are you two doing here?”


Takanuva just shrugged, momentarily ignoring Tava, who was apparently trying to figure out how to bake a computer into a pie. “You said there was an emergency meeting, remember?”


“Toa Nuva only.”


“Wait, but you never sai--” Takanuva couldn’t finish his sentence because Lewa lifted his air katana and summoned a tornado that lifted both Toa of Light and Toa of Pie into the air and out the window. “NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo…”


“Ah.” added Kopaka unnecessarily.


Gali1 stared after the two recently-defenestrated Toa for several moments before looking back at Lewa. “Well, that happened,” she observed. “Why did you want them to leave?”


“Because this doesn’t involve them, that’s why! Anyway, look at this.” Lewa did something on the computer for several moments before bringing up the BIONICLE website.


“Uhh, are you sure this isn’t going to destroy the space-time continuum or something?” asked Onua nervously. “I feel like this has to defy some law of logic.”


:glare: “ Lewa emoticonned. “Stop ruining my big meeting! Look at this!”


Everyone crowded around the computer screen, which was now displaying an image of the six 2015 versions of the assembled Toa. “Oooh,” said the Po-Matoran.


“Will you get out of here!?” demanded Lewa, annoyed, as he sent Everyone the Po-Matoran out the window to join Takanuva and Tava. “That’s better. Check it out!”


“Hey, that was my Halloween costume last year!” exclaimed Tahu with a :D.


Gali1 thought about this for a moment. “That’s it! Lewa, you’re a genius!”


“But I haven’t even told you my idea yet…” said Lewa.


“Don’t have to. I’ve got it! We’ll all go as our 2015 versions for Halloween!”


“Oh, is it Halloween already?” asked a very confused Pohatu.


Regular Pohatu stared at the very confused Pohatu. “Where’d he come from?”


Annoyed, Lewa just blew the very confused Pohatu out the window to join the cluster of random characters, leaving regular Pohatu behind. “Enough! My idea is--”


“--a great one!” put in Tahu. “Except I already did that last year.”


“I’m not talking about the Halloween thing, I’m talking about my idea, which I haven’t even had a chance to tell you! This has nothing to do with--”


“--dressing up as ourselves,” Onua agreed, thinking he knew what Lewa had in mind. “Instead, we’ll confuse everyone by going as a different 2015 set version! For example, I might go as Lewa, and Lewa might go as Gali.”


“I’m not dressing up as a girl!” At a glare from Gali, Lewa added, “Uhh...I mean…”


“We can’t do that anyway because I just told you,” Onua explained. “We’ll dress up as different Toa.”


“Sounds great, Onua!” said Gali. “Are we all agreed?”


Kopaka shrugged. “Yes,” he said with his customary coldness. (pun not inten--oh, who am I kidding that was totally intentional)


“!!oooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” said Takanuva suddenly, inexplicably flying backwards through the window, which sealed itself up behind him. “So, what did I miss?” The rest of the Toa just shook their heads and sighed. This wasn’t the weirdest thing that had ever happened at the Nuva Inn.





“Okay, are we all ready to go?” asked a Toa dressed in a 2015 Gali costume.


“Ha, ha, you’re dressed like a girl!” teased someone dressed up like 2015 Kopaka. “ :superfunny:


“How’s that funny? She always dresses like a girl because she is one,” said a 2015-Tahu-costumed Toa.


“But Gali can’t be dressed up like Gali, that would defeat the purpose! It’s too easy to guess!” argued 2015 Kopaka.


“Exactly,” 2015 Lewa pointed out. “Nobody WOULD guess that.”


“Wait...so it’s actually the hardest to guess!”


“No, I’m not actually Gali, that would just be dumb.”




“Now remember,” continued the Toa dressed up like Gali, “it’s ‘trick-or-treat.’ NOT ‘burn-or-stuff,’ this means you, whichever one of you is Tahu!”


“I’m Tahu!” said 2015 Tahu.


“No you’re not,” said 2015 Gali, “you’re wearing a Tahu costume. That’s not the same thing.”


“Yes it is…?” said 2015 Tahu, confused.


The elevator dinged, and out popped someone wearing a 2015 Pohatu costume. “Okay, let’s go!”


“You’re late,” observed 2015 Onua.


“No I’m not; you’re all early.”


The others groaned. “Whatever,” 2015 Onua said, “let’s just go.”


The six costumed Toa opened the doors, greeted with the chilly air of a Metru Nui fall. As usual, the Le-Metru chutes were all dyed orange, and orange-colored Le-Matoran wandered about. New this year were transports painted to look like Fikou spiders, which shot through the tubes and gave the illusion of actual spiders moving about. “Huh. Beats Onu-Metru’s attempt at Fikou decorations,” observed 2015 Gali. “Except they weren’t even decorations…”


“So, where should we go today?” asked 2015 Kopaka.


“Let’s stay here. There’s plenty of huts in Le-Metru to visit,” said 2015 Pohatu.


“But the chutes can take us anywhere!” protested 2015 Onua. “Don’t you want to explore the rest of the island? See what the other Metrus did for Halloween?”


“No,” said 2015 Kopaka.


Everyone looked around expectantly for a few moments. “It is weird hearing you say that.. I’m not used to leaving Takanuva behind,” observed 2015 Gali. "He says 'No.'"


“I’m not the real Kopaka, anyway. Didn’t we discuss this earlier?”


:OMG: ” emoticonned 2015 Tahu. “YOU’RE NOT? MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!!” They then proceeded to faint.


The remaining still-conscious Toa were interrupted by an orange Le-Matoran running up to them. “Toa Lewa, Toa Lewa,” the Matoran said, addressing the Toa wearing the Lewa costume, “we quick-need your help! Tamaru-coward got stuck on the Moto-Hub top-roof and he can’t jump-come down!


“I don’t like heights.”


“What are you say-talking? You’re Toa Lewa! Come on, we need you!” The Matoran dragged 2015 Lewa away, over the costumed Toa’s protests.


“Okay, which of you is the real Lewa?” asked 2015 Gali. “This is no time for jokes--Tamaru needs you to help!” After an awkward silence, 2015 Gali amended, “Fine. Whoever speaks next gets volunteered to rescue them.”


2015 Onua opened their mouth. “Well, the Moto-Hub isn’t far, we could--”


“Great, thanks Lewa. Go rescue whoever’s dressed as you.”


“But I’m not Lewa!”


The other Toa, fed up by the real Lewa’s laziness and generally annoying personality by this point, just shoved them out of the circle. “Get out there and save them, and Tamaru!”


Conveniently, Turaga Matau chose that exact moment to drive by in a transport that looked like it had been cobbled together from several Vahki, some chute pieces (obvious as they were bright orange), and an assortment of Turaga staffs. “Incoming!!” called the Turaga as he barreled into 2015 Onua, carrying them away. “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


“MATAU, WE’RE GETTING FAR TOO OLd for this…” Turaga Nokama yelled as the transport flew out of sight.




The orange Le-Matoran pointed to the very top of the Moto-Hub, where a tiny speck that may or may not have been Tamaru could be seen clinging to a spire for dear life. “Up there, see him? Just fly up there and bring him down.”


2015 Lewa shook their head nervously. “I don’t like heights,” they repeated. “Can’t you send a transport?”


The Le-Matoran shrugged. “You’re closer. Besides, I want to see the great Toa Lewa in action!”


The costumed Toa sighed. “So…” they asked, stalling for time, “how’d he get up there in the first place?”


“He was trying to repair the chutes. Long story, but it involves those Fikou-shaped transports, duct tape, and a blue potato. Earlier today, Tamaru was working on the chutes when he spotted a crack…”


“Hmm,” muttered the Toa, not really paying attention to the story. “I guess there’s nothing better to do. Let’s climb.”


While the Matoran was distracted by his story, 2015 Lewa entered the building and started climbing the stairs, hoping there was an entrance to the roof somewhere. “...and the potatoes fell out of the transport and filled the entire chute, which by the way taught us that blue and orange really don’t mix well, but what Tamaru didn’t know was that someone had been riding on the same transport earlier that day, which explained the earlier crack, but there were so many potatoes...hey, where’d you go?”




Back with the remaining four Toa, they were all discussing what to do next when an announcement blared over a randomly appeared speaker system. “Attention citizens of Metru Nui: Turaga Dume’s 2nd Annual Costume Contest is about to begin! Please assemble at the Colosseum. KTHXBAI.”


“‘KTHXBAI?’” echoed the assembled Toa. “ :???:


Please tell me he’s not trying to act ‘hip,’” groaned 2015 Kopaka. “We get enough of that from Matau.”


“Well, at least this makes up our minds,” 2015 Gali pointed out. “Let’s go to the Colosseum! Anybody mind carrying 2015 Tahu for us?”




Back at the Moto-Hub, 2015 Lewa had just finished climbing the seemingly-endless set of stairs, where they found a simple door leading out onto the roof. “Convenient.” They opened the door and crossed over to the spire where Tamaru was. “Matoran? There’s a door. Just walk down the stairs.” They indicated the door, which had just swung shut.


Tamaru, still obviously frightened, shook his head. “It locks from the other side. Can’t you just fly me down?”




“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” 2015 Lewa looked up to see someone wearing a 2015 Onua costume, clinging for dear life to Turaga Matau’s makeshift vehicle. The vehicle executed a loop, dropping the costumed Toa onto the roof. “Ouch. Where am I?”


“Toa Onua! Oh, this is good, two Toa to quick-save me!” said Tamaru. “Though I didn’t think you were fond of heights….”


“I’m not Onua,” said 2015 Onua. “Matau, get back here!”


“Next stop, silly old-geezer Dume,” Turaga Matau called out.


“We’re almost as old as he is, you moron!” Nokama pointed out. “GET ME OFF THIS CRazy thing…”


For several seconds, 2015 Lewa and 2015 Onua stared after the errant Turaga. “Right, okay, so how do we get him down?”


“You fly me down, of course, Toa-Hero!”


2015 Lewa sighed. This was going to be unfortunate.




The three conscious Toa walked into the Colosseum, with 2015 Kopaka carrying an unconscious 2015 Tahu over their shoulder. “Ah, good, the Toa have arrived,” said Turaga Dume, wearing his usual Kanohi Puhmpka (the Great Mask of Pumpkin Heads). “Let the contest begin!”


“Wait,” said Hahli, “what’s wrong with Tahu? Quick, someone heal him!” She looked at 2015 Gali. “Toa Gali, can’t you do something?”


2015 Gali looked back and forth between 2015 Pohatu and 2015 Kopaka. “Are either of you Gali?” they asked.


“What? No, that’s you!” said Hahli. “Are you sure you’re all right? Come on, bring Tahu and let’s heal him, quick! Also, where’s your costume?”


Over the costumed Toa’s protests, Hahli dragged 2015 Gali away into the nearby Healing Hut, followed by the still-unconscious 2015 Tahu dragged behind them.


2015 Pohatu and 2015 Kopaka stared at each other. “Well, this is awkward,” they said simultaneously.


“By the way, you’re both disqualified for not wearing a costume,” Dume announced.


“Well, this is more awkward,” the two Toa said again.


Before they could explain the costume situation, Matau’s transport suddenly shot down out of the sky, toward the Coliseum box where Dume was standing. “HEY OLDY, LOOK-CHECK US OUT!” the Turaga of Le-Metru called. “YAHOO!”


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!” shouted Nokama as the vehicle took a nosedive, missed Dume’s box entirely, and plunged at full speed straight into the ground. There was silence for several moments as the dust cleared. Once it had, everyone assembled could see a huge pile of rubble with bits and pieces of the vehicle sticking out of it.


“Well, this is even more awkward.”


“We’re fine, we’re okay, a little quick-stuck though…” Matau could be heard saying from inside.


“Easy for you to say, I’m grounding you!” said Turaga Nokama. “We’re never doing this again!”


“Wait-stop, you can’t ground me! Next one will be better!”


“That’s what you said last time!”


“And I was right! At least this time we’re here-still in Metru Nui!”


“Still wondering how we crashed on the Southern Continent last time, by the way…” muttered the Turaga of Water.


While the two Turaga continued to bicker, Turaga Dume gazed at the rubble. “I hate to ask you this, but as you’re both disqualified from the contest anyway...Pohatu, Kopaka, could you freeze/kick away those boulders for me?”






“Hey, wait a second, that’s it!” exclaimed 2015 Onua, still atop the Moto-Hub. “Quick, help me make a sign.”


“A what, now?” asked 2015 Lewa, but they did as asked and started pulling up a piece of the roof to use as a signboard.


2015 Onua then started drawing on said roof-piece with a conveniently placed magic marker. “You see,” they said, “we still have three Toa who can help out. Well, two-and-a-half, really.”


“Two-and-a-half Toa? Sounds like a good name for a parody comedy…” muttered 2015 Lewa.


Finally, the other Toa had finished, and tied the sign to a spire, standing it up so that everyone could see it. 2015 Onua then pulled out two megaphones from their Toa-Pocket and handed one to 2015 Lewa. “Follow my lead,” they said, before reading the sign aloud.


“Uhh, Toa-Heroes?” asked a terrified Tamaru. “Can we get this over with? Wouldn’t flying me down just be easier?”




“Trust me, I’m not really...just, healing isn’t my thing,” said 2015 Gali.


“Nonsense! You’re the Toa of Water! Though your voice does sound a bit deep...you must have laryngitis!”


2015 Gali slapped their forehead. “Or I’m not really Gali, I’m just wearing a Gali costume.”


“That’s the stupidest explanation I ever heard. Come on, just summon some water and heal him!”


“Um, that probably isn’t a good idea…”


“You’re nervous?” asked Hahli. “Must be the laryngitis talking. Don’t worry, I’ll just do it myself! We have Element Extraction Entities for this sort of thing.” Over 2015 Gali’s increasingly worried protests, the Ga-Matoran withdrew a Rahi shaped like a teapot with a trumpet for a head. “I call it an EEE for short. Okay, EEE, do your stuff!”


She threw the EEE at 2015 Gali. “Wait! No! Get it off me, I’m not Gali!” protested the costumed Toa. The Rahi latched its trumpet-head onto the Toa’s face and started to absorb elemental energy. Hahli pointed to the unconscious Toa, instructing the EEE to release the energy in their direction. At the very same moment the EEE started to release, 2015 Tahu sat up, rubbing their head and looking around in confusion. The EEE turned, followed Hahli’s gesture to spot the Toa in the Tahu costume, and immediately jumped toward their face. Just as the Rahi latched on, 2015 Tahu stood up and put their hands up, making the EEE stick to their hand instead.


The Rahi unleashed a torrent of elemental energy that proceeded to bury Hahli, 2015 Gali, the Healing Hut, a good chunk of the Colosseum, and the entire lower half of 2015 Tahu in earth. 2015 Gali sighed. “Well, that happened. Why is it always me, anyway?”




Tava, Takanuva, and Gali2 came running to the Moto-Hub as soon as they could. “'Early Black Friday sale!?!?!?!?!?'” exclaimed Gali2 happily. “Roof of the Moto-Hub? Count me in!”


“'Never-before-discovered Pie flavor on the Moto-Hub!' Let’s go!” said Tava, running beside her.


“'Find a Better Job than Lewa’s Giving You (because he’s a greedy and terrible boss), One Time Only On The Moto-Hub Roof?' I’m definitely there!” said Takanuva excitedly.


The moment they dashed through the door at the top of the stairs, they heard 2015 Lewa shout, “Stop.” Surprised, they immediately skidded to a halt, crashing into one another and falling into a pile in the doorway. 2015 Lewa put their megaphone down and crossed over to the door, holding it open. “Come on, Tamaru, let’s go downstairs.” The Le-Matoran, surprisingly, shook his head. “Oh, what now?”


“I want to see you fly me down; I’ve never seen the great Toa Lewa in action before! Look, there’s a whole crowd!” Both costumed Toa peered over the edge of the roof to see that there was indeed a crowd of orange-dyed Le-Matoran clustered below. “It’ll be cool!”


“Tava,” said 2015 Onua suddenly, “you know what? I bet all those Matoran down there have never seen one of your famous Trampoline Pies. You should go down there and make an extra-big one for them!”


“No,” said Takanuva, shaking his head firmly.




“Where’s my promised sale?” asked Gali2, looking around.


Tava, for his part, extricated himself and ran down the stairs, summoning a Trampoline Pie along the way using his Toa powers. “Hey guys, check this out!” the Toa of Pie called to the assembled Matoran.


2015 Lewa wiped his forehead. “Finally…” they muttered. “Come on, Tamaru, let’s go!”


“Awesome-cool!” said the Le-Matoran, climbing onto 2015 Lewa’s back. The costumed Toa steeled himself, then ironed himself, then bronzed himself, then coppered himself, then ran through the rest of the metals he knew about before finally taking a running start and leaping off of the building.


They hit the Trampoline Pie and bounced...and kept going...way higher than expected. Tava looked at his Toa tool sheepishly. “Oops, I think I accidentally made that one extra-strength...sorry!” He then proceeded to sprout wool and start baaing due to his sheepishness.


“We have to go after him!” said 2015 Onua, jumping onto the Trampoline Pie and following 2015 Lewa’s accidental flight.


Gali2 and Takanuva looked at each other and shrugged. “Fancy going after them?” Gali2 asked him.






“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” shouted 2015 Lewa as they plummeted into the now dirt-filled Colosseum. “Oof.”


“Hey, Lewa,” said 2015 Tahu, buried up to their waist in dirt. “We’ve been having some...issues. Oh! You got Tamaru down!”


“MMmmmmmppphhh.” 2015 Lewa’s face was buried in the dirt.


“At least that dirt inexplicably got rid of the rocks,” said 2015 Pohatu, looking up at where Turaga Matau’s vehicle had somehow been instantly repaired and was now hovering over the Colosseum, Matau still arguing with Nokama inside it. “Where’s 2015 Gali, by the way?”


“Down there somewhere,” said 2015 Tahu, shrugging. “She’ll be fine.”


“We’ve been over this, Gali isn’t dressed as herself!” said an annoyed 2015 Kopaka. “Hey, what’s that?”


They all looked up to see 2015 Onua plunge into the dirt beside them. “Hi everyone,” said the newest arrival, costume mask askew.


The dirt shifted, and 2015 Gali stuck their head out of it. “Sorry about that. Here’s Hahli, by the way.” They reached down and lifted the Ga-Matoran out of the dirt, placing her next to the assembled Toa.


Next to them, the dirt having brought them to the level of the Colosseum box, Dume was looking from one Toa to another so fast they all thought his pumpkin head would fly off. “How--what just--I don’t--Halloween is--costumes--you know what, I’m not even going to try,” he said finally. “Why do I bother?”


A certain green Dark Hunter immediately flew in, bonking Dume over the head for stealing his line. The Toa all looked at the sight, then at each other, and started laughing for several minutes.


Then, 2015 Gali stopped. “Why are we laughing?” they asked.




Skritch the Word Counting Fikou: This comedy has 3,585 words.


~Happy Halloween from Lewa# Studios!


:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:


(P.S. Try to guess who's who!)

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Great job, Lewa0111! It's great to see you back! :)


This was a funny read! The idea of the old Toa dressing up as their 2015 versions is perfect for Halloween (the new versions are even bigger so they could sort of fit inside them)! :P You've got that great balance of plot and randomness with a funny way of writing, too. :)


This is one of my favorite parts:


Conveniently, Turaga Matau chose that exact moment to drive by in a transport that looked like it had been cobbled together from several Vahki, some chute pieces (obvious as they were bright orange), and an assortment of Turaga staffs. “Incoming!!” called the Turaga as he barreled into 2015 Onua, carrying them away. “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


It's really funny to imagine a vehicle with a bunch of random Turaga staffs in it. :P


Great work and thanks for returning to write it! :) I'm not even going to try to guess who the Toa are. :P

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Finally, the other Toa had finished, and tied the sign to a spire, standing it up so that everyone could see it. 2015 Gali then pulled out two megaphones from their Toa-Pocket™ and handed one to 2015 Lewa. “Follow my lead,” they said, before reading the sign aloud.

“Uhh, Toa-Heroes?” asked a terrified Tamaru. “Can we get this over with? Wouldn’t flying me down just be easier?”

Isn't 2015 Gali in the Colosseum?


Kopaka is Lewa 2015, that much is clear.  2015 Gali is Onua, 2015 Tahu is Pohatu, 2015 Onua is Lewa, 2015 Kopaka is Tahu, 2015 Pohatu is Gali.


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Isn't 2015 Gali in the Colosseum?




Kopaka is Lewa 2015, that much is clear.  2015 Gali is Onua, 2015 Tahu is Pohatu, 2015 Onua is Lewa, 2015 Kopaka is Tahu, 2015 Pohatu is Gali.



D'oh! You're right. 'Twas meant to be Onua. Fixed!


As for the Toa, you're right about Lewa, Gali, Tahu, and Kopaka 2015. The other two should be switched. (In fairness to you, even I had trouble keeping them all straight while writing!)


Thanks for the responses, guys! Feels good to be back :D


:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:

My Script Comedies: | The Nuva Inn Remake | Ask Matau! Remake (ACCEPTING QUESTIONS!) |

My Prose Comedies: | The BZ-Nui Hack Wars | Mata Nova |


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nuva Inn is BACK IN BUSINESS!! (See my blog for more info on my writing projects)

ANNOUNCEMENT 2: Looking for voice actors and artists/animators for an upcoming video project! PM me if interested!

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Its good seeing a new story from you in the Comedy Forum. :)


This was a good sequel to your Halloween story from last year. The Toa dressing up as different versions of their 2015 selfs led to some really funny moments. And Matau always adds some laughs the the story too. :P

Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Man... this was so surreal. I only understood about three quarters of it, but it was a good laugh (especially the bit about Matau's transport).

Hmmm, perhaps there's a reason for why Matau makes everything funnier? The Theory of Matau?

I dunno. Anyway, good job. ;)

"Mutiny, Booty and Entropy"  - The Three Vices of the Frostelus


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