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MOC Breakdown

Naota Takizawa

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I found this Roodaka revamp and what puzzled me the most was the head design. Since there are no instructions released or parts identified aside from the obvious ones, I want to know, where did the eyepiece come from? 

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Click is right, they are custom pieces. 


Here is a link to the MOC topic. 


Quote from Fsnorglepuff: "The eyes *sigh* were very, very meticulously cut, sanded, and polished from those nice air-bubble-less 3 length trans-medium blue bars (light saber blades, but not the regular length). I must have gone though eight bars and so many pairs of eyes before I got identical ones that fit snugly (not to mention I lost some in the process). They really just stay there by themselves, but I also but a shortened black clip to get them at the same spot on either side."

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