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Kingdom alternate universe

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So, I don't know if anyone has brought this up before, but I had an interesting idea. 


I was reading about the Kingdom alternate universe, and I saw something I had forgotten about: when Vezon passed through that universe, he saw them preparing to launch a spacecraft. 


Now, this obviously has some pretty huge implications on its own, as it would mean that the beings from the Matoran Universe would obviously come in contact with the people of Bara Magna and Bota Magna. But something else occurred to me: in that universe, Velika had become a Toa. 


Of course, when Greg wrote The Kingdom, he probably hadn't yet decided that Velika was a Great Being in disguise, and so he couldn't have taken into account the implications of him becoming a Toa. However, knowing what we know now, these facts give rise to some interesting speculation. 


Some things to consider: the Matoran, and all other beings of that universe, have lived out their entire lives inside the GSR, and so should theoretically not have any concept of anything beyond. For 100,000 years, their world ended at the tops of the domes; on the island of Mata Nui, they shouldn't have thought that the sky was anything different. They would have no way of knowing that outer space existed, as nobody had ever told them anything about it. The only person in the entire MU that knows about the true nature of things is Velika.


Also, if events played out the way they did in this alternate universe, Velika would be in a total panic. His goal is to rule Spherus Magna, but here Mata Nui's mission has failed, and Spherus Magna is pretty much doomed. Furthermore, he has no way of ever getting off the uninhabited world of Aqua Magna to return to his loyal agents. He's completely stranded, with no way of seeing his goal through. 


So, this is my idea: what if the Kingdom's space program was Velika's idea? He could have used his status as one of Turaga Takanuva's prime Toa to convince people that there was a whole universe in the sky, and that they should build a craft to explore it, as a ploy to get off Aqua Magna, return to either Bara Magna or Bota Magna to see his agents, find another way to reform Spherus Magna, and then take it over. I think it makes sense. 


What do you guys think? Do you think that this could have occurred to Greg, and, had the story continued, we would maybe revisit this universe? I think it would have some interesting story potential. 

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I never felt as if the alternate universes were anything but little side-plots; they added a few twists but overall I think most fans see them as doing more harm than good to the overall story because they never really did anything to affect the main timeline.
That being said, it makes a lot of sense in retrospect. I always thought of this detail as being an act of creativity in an era of desperation, but if Velika is behind it, it fleshes out his motivations.

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According to "the Kingdom," the plan was Nuju and Nuparu's. However, there's no saying that Velika wasn't involved. He could have subtly planted the seeds of the idea, and given assistance where necessary. This does beg the question, however, of why he waited 10,000 years. Perhaps spaceflight wasn't his field, and he had to wait for Nuju and Nuparu to make the appropriate advances?


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A bit off topic here, but speaking of the Kingdom Universe, was it ever stated what happened to the Toa Nuva?

I think there still in that universe. Pohatu or Onua had set up underground walls that would let them know if anything was trying to cross through.

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A bit off topic here, but speaking of the Kingdom Universe, was it ever stated what happened to the Toa Nuva?

It was stated that Pohatu was killed while trying to collapse the tunnels leading to Mata Nui. Onua, on the contrary, is confirmed to be alive, since he warded the tunnels and worked to keep the island from being destroyed after the Great Spirit's death. The fate of the other Toa Nuva is never explicitly described, though they're presumably alive.

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