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Here's some old-style Bionicle for you. Hope you like it!  :) GalleryFile.png

The Maarak was a dangerous, vampiric being that inhabited the dark corners of Metru Nui. When he had the opportunity, he would reach out and snatch Matoran away and take them to his hiding place, where he would use his venomous fangs to drain their life force. His weapons were his sharp claws and his formidable spiny tail, and he was protected by thick armour. The tail ended in a paralysing stinger, which he used to make sure his victims couldn't escape. He fought many battles against the Toa, but always managed to get away, allowing him feed freely once again. His ability to elude the Toa on every occasion made him a very real threat to the Matoran, and stories about him gave many Matoran a fear of the dark, even Onu-Matoran. He hunted with a superb sense of smell, and he could see in the dark, creep silently in the shadows, breathe underwater and withstand extreme heat. After the downfall of Makuta Teridax, he escaped the Matoran universe. He now stalks the world of Spherus Magna, where he hunts for prey from the shadows of this new world.


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Great job! This is a cool MOC to see. :) It's big and imposing, and very believable as a set! The dark red works really well for a resident of Metru Nui since I think that part of the story was the first time we got dark red Bionicle parts. The color scheme of black, dark gray, and dark red is great with enough variety to keep the MOC visually interesting. The Onua claws are a nice, simple way of associating the MOC with the old Bionicle and also of course work perfectly as claws. I think the RoboRider head works really well as part of the head and the gray Toa feet are cool choices for the legs. And the Bohrok eyes going up the tail as spikes are a really cool touch! :)


Great work, thanks for posting it! :)

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