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Twitch Tuesday Game Selection

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Our Twitch stream will be returning tomorrow night, since it will indeed be Tuesday. As we've done in the past, you get to pick what we play! We're adding a new game to the list this week, thanks to the Xbox One's recent addition of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility!


The stream will kick off at 7:30 PM Eastern time over on our Twitch Channel. You can follow us there to get notified exactly when we kick things off.


Your questions, comments, and feedback on the streams are always welcome!

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Even though my vote still remains unchanged from previous weeks (Lego Movie), I suppose I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of that Star Wars game. Just be aware that this game came out quite a while ago, so I'm not expecting to see certain features that are commonly seen in the more recent games. (Most notably, the characters probably won't even speak. If I remember correctly, the first Lego game (at least, among those made by TT Games) to include spoken dialogue was Lord of the Rings back in 2012, so all the others that came out before (including Star Wars) has all the characters just grunt and mumble. (This is an assumption mostly based on my experience from what Bionicle: Heroes was like, the last Lego game I had played before getting Lego Movie last year.))

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