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You might have seen my other MOC, Arthroporak, a great big centipede. Here is a MOC I'd made previously which inspired it. I made this first, but I came up with the backstory after making the Arthroporak. Most of the Bionicle MOCs I make on LDD are intended to be Dark Hunters, and this is one such Dark Hunter.


"Crawler" was once a native of the Northern Continent. At some point, he was kidnapped for use in a series of experiments. It was during one of these experiments that he was merged with an Arthroporak, becoming a monstrous multi-legged creature, and this transformation allowed him to escape by smashing his way out of the facility. As there was no longer a place for him in his homeland, he joined the Dark Hunters. After many years serving the organisation, he still feels hatred towards the mysterious group who changed him into his current state.


After being merged, Crawler gained a variety of new abilities. He inherited the venom palps and flexible tail of an Arthroporak, as well as a venomous bite. He also wielded four sets of protosteel talons with his four front limbs. Perhaps his most interesting power was his ability to grow new segments of his body, something an Arthroporak cannot do. He could regenerate lost segments no matter how much of his main body had been lost. This meant that he could only be killed by destroying his heavily armoured head.


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Well.... that is mildly terrifying.


But on a serious note, clever use of pieces, solid color scheme and it definitely accomplishes what it tries to.

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Banner made by Onaku



If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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