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[USA-VA][H] Various Bionicle Lots, & Jetrax T6 Target Limited Edit


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Hello I have a lot of bionicle for sale in lots! All have been opened (except for Jetrax Limited Edition Recolor), but have been put away. Most sets are fully complete or missing 1 or 2 pieces. Some have containers/ boxes some do not. Prices are Shipped! Only shipping to US, unless you add for international. Of course everything will be done thru PayPal Invoice. I am open to offers. I don't want to separate lots, unless you're buying multiples.

Box / Lot A (67.00$ USD Shipped)

All Glatorian Sets Wave 1

8972 Atakus

8973 Raanu

8974 Tarduk

8975 Berix

8976 Metus

8977 Zesk

8978 Skrall

8979 Malum

8980 Gresh

8981 Tarix

8982 Strakk

8983 Vorox

8990 Fero and Skirmix

8991 Tuma


Box / Lot 2 - Vehicle Lot (98.00$ USD Shipped)

8698 Vultraz

8954 Mazeka

8941 Rockoh T3

8942 Jetrax T6

8697 Toa Ignika


Box / Lot C (67.00$ USD Shipped)

Glatorian Legends Full Set

8984 Stronius

8985 Ackar

8986 Vastus

8987 Kiina

8988 Gelu

8989 Mata Nui

Mistika Full Set

8688 Toa Gali

8689 Toa Tahu

8690 Toa Onua

8694 Krika

8695 Gorast

8696 Bitil

8699 Takanuva

8912 Toa Mahri Hewkii

8920 Ehlek

Several Phatoka Sets Including their Partners ( Not sure which ones)

http://imgur.com/a/YLy76 http://imgur.com/8Ileqnc

Box / Lot D (88.00$ USD Shipped)

8943 Axalara T9

8922 Gadunka

8924 Maxilos & Spinax

Barraki Sets, not sure which ones though


Lot E (67.00$ Shipped)

Bionicle 2015 Sets

70778 Protector of Jungle

70779 Protector of Stone

70780 Protector of Water

70781 Protector of Earth

70782 Protector of Ice

70783 Protector of Fire

70784 Lewa Master of Jungle

70785 Pohatu Master of Stone

70786 Gali Master of Water

70790 Lord of Skull Spiders

70787 Tahu Master of Fire

70788 Kopaka Master of Ice

70789 Onua Master of Earth


Single Sets

8942-2 Super Charged Jetrax T6 Sealed (67.00$ USD Shipped)


Please PM Me for more details if you want anything. Thank you for viewing my post

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