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karzahni pre mutated form moc

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sure many know the story of Karzahni and despite the nine years since the creation of this character has never died (although dies in history), but it has always been the courage to pass this character drawing to physical creation.




aspect as this model does not focus entirely to version of the book however was fundamentetal to work more easily, so even replace certain items will not remove the original essence an example of this it was to eliminate the center belt with skull but these were replaced by skull spiders "like kneepads.
21396169926_7852cc7679_n.jpg                23388656149_0383a93aee_n.jpg
                                           previous mask designs:                                                           final version of the mask
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I thought I recognized your avatar! I follow you on Flickr, glad you joined the site.  ;)


This is an awesome rendition of pre-mut Karzahni. That custom mask is definitely the most outstanding thing about the MOC, but I also love how you built the broad chest with Fenrakk heads, and the slender cape makes him look humongous. Excellent work. (And seriously, awesome work on the mask. It's just awesome.)


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Oh my.




This is without a doubt the best Karzhani I've ever seen! The colours, attention to detail, the part usage, that GLORIOUS CUSTOM MASK, Just... Everything. I have nothing else to say. Hats off to you!




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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Exquisite... simply exquisite. You, sir, have created a true work of Bionicle art, both matching up to his artwork in Bionicle: World, and his description: "Powerful, almost regal, and quite insane". A hulking, gargantuan figure standing in a pose that is either kinglike/predatory or simply bestial. Good job! This is awesome. I've seen quite a few good Karzahni MOC's in my time, and this is, quite simply, the best.

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Neat MOC, I must say. It's really a pity that we didn't get that Mask in official form. I've seen some admirable recreations of the Worlds depiction-such as yours-but the sad fact is that other materials just don't look right.

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