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Saw this on Flickr a while back and I love it - great recreation of the movie version. Obviously it's be nice if it was dark blue rather than dark green, but the shoulders and the chest armour make the change worth it.


My only nitpicks are that the thigh armour should be white across both sets, and the pics are a little too dark to make out everything. Other than that, great job!

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This MOC Is spectacular not just the fact that It's a faithful recreation of the Film version, but that It's also my first ever Bionicle set, which you don't see too many people remake.


My only gripe is that the background is too dark to make out the fine details on him clearly. But other than that, Great work!

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(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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Impressive reincarnation of Krekka. You did a really good job of making his body smooth to bring movie Krekka's body to life, and while green isn't his color, it mixes surprisingly well with the other colors.


Does anyone want to play the Master Chief Collection with me? I'm trying to get a team going for ranked. PM for GT.

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I actually really like the change from dark blue to dark green; it makes him more accurate to his movie appearance.


The one problem I have is the little things (toes, I guess?) on the sides of his feet. Going off of the movie, they should be white, and there should only be one per foot. However, that doesn't detract much from the appearance of the MOC; I've always had a fondness for MOCs that attempt to recreate the movie appearances of characters.

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This is incredible. I have never seen a revamp so good, and this is coming from a guy who looks up new revamps periodically. Great attention to detail, and good work on using parts in creative ways. My one problem with it is that both in the movie and in the set, One of his eyes was burned out, as battle evidence or something. I didn't see that here. However, I can understand why you did it, because that was one of the things I didn't like about the set. So good choice for looks, not so much for movie accuracy. But still, great MOC.

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I think this is where CCBS really shines. You can capture the smooth slick look of the movies without it feeling jumbled. Nice work dude, he's instantly recognizable. Though I would take out one of his eyes.

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This is truly fantastic.


I'm all for more blue-colored sets but this is just making me think about how cool it would have been if Krekka had been green and white in 2004 and oh my gosh now I wish that were true (plus he and Nidhiki would have matched like some sort of evil twin set).


Kudos to you, this MOC is pretty swell.

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Brilliant parts usage with the Savage Planet attachment for the head, the Exo-Force parts for the hands, and the Hordika heads for the shoulders. Krekka is one of those sets with a lot of unique personality and who's very well-executed so I imagine he's hard to revamp and bring anything interesting to him, but you did fantastically. Phenomenal recreation of his movie form.

Thank you, BZPower staff. In the past, I wish I showed more appreciation for all that you do. From one Bionicle fan to another, thank you.

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I love the look here! First off, the posing is great. He's lumbering, yet able to attack. His claws are ready to do damage, but first he has to swing those shoulders around to do so.


The head is fantastic. I know heads can be hard, but you've pulled it off perfectly here.


The use of System bricks along as a major part of the MOC really do wonders. It adds a certain level of layering that might get lost with the techno-organic Bionicle parts.


All that said, I would be able to see these details even better with some improved photography. Lighting and background color are of course the largest factors here. Looking at your Flickr, I see that should not be a problem, so I hope future MOCs can be shown off in the same quality type shots. (It's also a major factor to being shown off on blogs and LEGO sites--I almost didn't post this to the front page because parts of the MOC get lost in the background.)


Finally, welcome to BZPower! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!




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A bit system-heavy on some parts, but still fantastic-looking.

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