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Rahkmaninoff + Vorahk = muzaks


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Yeah, so, I wrote this for Sergei Rahkmaninoff for the Secret Santa thing. I couldn't think of a title, hence whatever that is up there ^. Also, obviously, Sergei Rachmaninoff never composed a fourth symphony (OR DID HE). Just seemed a handy name to give his fictional piece.

Sergei Rachmaninoff logged into his LEGO account and found his way to the Kanoka Club page. He glanced down at the little paper thing that came with his Toa Nokama set and typed in the string of letters and numbers upon it: 34NOK09U. Once entered, he looked scrolled through the list of purchasable items until he found what he had been saving up for months to get, Rahkshi Rock. He had heard so much about Vorahk's performance and just had to see it for himself. He confirmed that he wanted to buy it and readied himself for the musical masterpiece.
He was stunned. He had never seen or heard anything so beautiful and reaching such a level of perfection in his life. He was humbled by it as well. He knew he would never be able to reach such magnificence in his pieces, but it also gave him a drive to get as good as he could; he may never be able to reach Rahkshi Rock's flowing melody, but he would try. It inspired him.
Filled with a sudden passion, he began composing. He worked all through the night and into the next day before he rested, and that was only for a few hours before he began working again. After days of work, he looked at his completed Symphony No. 4. He felt relieved, in a way, as though the piece had been weighing upon his subconscious for some time now and had only just been removed. He reviewed it, finding it to be quite to his liking, and called the conductor for a nearby large orchestra. He told him of his new piece and asked if the conductor would be interested in having a performance of it soon. The conductor was greatly interested in it, and said he could have his orchestra ready to play it within the month, and that he'd drive by the following morning to pick up a copy of the sheet music.
Contented with this prospect and with the melody of Rahkshi Rock still floating through his mind, Sergei fell asleep. The next morning the conductor took a copy of the composition which Sergei had made shortly beforehand.
In the weeks before the performance, Sergei relaxed, reading books, listening to records of music, and above all, watching Rahkshi Rock. It haunted him; how could a mortal create such an infinitely powerful work of art?
At the performance, Sergei sat in his private canopy booth, specifically chosen for the best sonic quality. He closed his eyes and swayed his hands to the rhythm. At one point, later in the piece, he looked down at the audience below. He smiled as he saw their enjoyment of the music.
Then he spotted him. Vorahk, Sergei's idol, sitting in the audience and listening to his music. He couldn't believe it. Despite adoring listening to the first performance of his new piece, he could scarcely contain himself until the end. He must see Vorahk, even if just for a moment. To speak to him... It would be an honor beyond all he had yet received in his life.
As soon as the piece neared its end - handy knowing precisely when it would end, Sergei thought - he left his booth and made his way into the main entry hall. He scanned for the easily noticeable form of Vorahk until he found him. He made his way towards the Rahkshi, growing more nervous with every step, and shook Vorahk's hand.
"Hello, sir, my name is Sergei."
"Sergei?" the Rahkshi responded, "As in, the composer of this fine work?"
"You exaggerate it, my friend. Only one of my humble works. I am a fan of your own," he said.
"Ah, why thank you! It's an honor to hear praise from as esteemed a virtuoso as yourself."
"Why thank you. You enjoyed it, I hope?"
"Absolutely. Without a doubt my favorite yet. Though I must say that The Isle of the Dead has dealt me a good deal of inspiration through the years."
"Thank you again. Actually, I became inspired to write this piece right after having listened to Rahkshi Rock. It was fantastic."
"Really? Well, that's great to hear."
The conversation continued for some time. Rachmaninoff was thrilled to be speaking to such a level with him, and after a few minutes decided to ask a question that had been steadily growing in his mind whilst they talked.
"I... Well, it may be a silly thing to ask, as I know how busy you must be, but have you ever thought of working on music... with someone before?"
Vorahk cocked his head, seeming to understand what Sergei was getting to. "A bit, yes. You?"
"Well, not much before tonight. But in talking to you, I have come to the conclusion that we may... Erm, what I'm saying is, would you like to compose a piece of music together?"
The Rahkshi grinned. "Certainly. In fact, I've been getting similar thoughts tonight as well. Perhaps we could meet up somewhere tomorrow and begin work?"
"Sounds perfect. My house is nearby to this theatre. You could come over in the morning and we could discuss ideas."
Vorahk nodded. The two artists shook hands and parted ways.
Rachmaninoff had completely forgotten about the performance of his piece. He didn't particularly care. He had bigger and better things to do than think about that. He tossed and turned through the night, hardly getting any sleep due to excitement for the coming day.
The next morning came and Rachmaninoff stepped into it eager with expectations of what they could accomplish together. Vorahk arrived and they began work. Complex symphonies with a larger array of instruments than typical, quartets of electric guitars, drum sets, and perfectly crafted harmonies. It was pefect; all Sergei had dreamed about had come true.

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