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Lady Kopaka

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Some recent art, since I think my last 'official' topic died. Click the thumbnails for the large image.


23408342604_f185d05221_q.jpg This is a somewhat final design of my human Zaktan for my AU. There's a pretty cool story as to why he doesn't look as 'monstrous' as the rest of his species, but I'm shy to share it.


23954014341_24f79d91c0_q.jpg Kiina. I'm not very proud of the wonky anatomy, but just gotta practice.


23409769233_7e4a957500_q.jpg Sorry about the misspelling. A page from the scene in 'Time Trap'. Was testing the waters for comicking. I wish I could do a large scale HB comic series.


23410597003_992769cf3c_q.jpg Hafu being....Hafu.


23928489682_ea2e32a688_q.jpg For the Journey to One contest. I wasn't able to enter due to health and time, but this is as far as I got.


24036555785_342360abfc_q.jpg Done for friends for their Bionicle AU. She's part of some cult and purposely has blinded herself in pursuit of enlightenment.


23929204422_6881cdba72_q.jpgQuick sketch of a earth toa that I did for a group project.


23409147064_62dd67199a_q.jpg Secret Santa gift for Master Inika! It's Kopeke. A mix of movie and set style.

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Always loved your style. Zaktan is <3 always for me, and I especially love Vakama's no nonsense "You think I'm joking" panels in the comic.

Excited to see some new art; though I can't make many comments myself since I do not carry the same vein of artistic talent, I can say that I appreciate a good piece of work, and here I'm looking at more than one!

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Wow, these are so good I'm almost too in awe to reply at all. My favourite is the one from the Technorealm, in black/golden/red armor. I love her helmet (it's a she right?). And, although I'm not a big fan of humanized Bionicle, it's interesting seeing that maintain their ethnicity. Really good work!


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This is some great work, Lady K! It's great to see so many talented artists still contributing to the Bionicle fandom.


In addition to the execution of the art itself, I think you really have a good sense of deciding how to draw things and how to approach the layout. For example, the comic page does a great job of working with different shades of mostly only red and black that are nevertheless very effective at illustrating and setting the tone for a complete scene. I like how the Vahi stands out visually as the most differently-colored object, since it's literally also the most important object in the story. These are things that I'm sure you know more about than I do, but I think it's worth mentioning because they really work well here to make art that is both very good and very easy to visually understand.


Similarly, the Kopeke illustration is nicely put together! The ice ledge next to him is a good background for the picture, matching his blue but also giving us something both visually interesting and iconic of Ko-Wahi to look at.


I don't have any detailed comments about the rest but it's all very well done! Thanks for sharing this all with us! :)

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