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Which sets have you bought multiples of, and why?


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Aside from promotional things and ammo/collectible packs, I think the only sets I've intentionally purchased multiples of are the 2015 Gali and Onua sets.


3x Gali, first when the sets launched, second when I didn't have the set with me and I needed to make the spinny (wasn't a hard decision since it's a good set), third as a gift.


2x Onua, because Target had that weird clearance on them as soon as they were released and I ended up paying the same for two as I would have for one.


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2 Onua Mata (1 cannibalized for an Onua x Toxic Reapa MOC), 2 Brutaka, 2 Axonn (gotta have Botar yo), 2 Matau Metru (eBay works in mysterious ways, 1 cannibalized for Teridax MOC), and 2 Onua Mistika (1 from London when I visited and the sets were released before in the U.S. and 1 from my favorite BZP member). 

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Wants: 2003 Jaller (from Jaller and Gukko), Exo-Toa, Turaga Nuju, Turaga Vakama, Shadow Kraata, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon & Fenrakk, Nocturn, ORANGE FIKOU.

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My duplicates were hardly ever ones I got of my own volition; save for a second Tahu Nuva (for the purposes of acquiring a CMoV), my duplicates were gifts—so I ended up with three Toa Iruini and Toa Norik. (Family members saw "Special Edition" and got excited.) I also got a few Bohrok and Rahkshi in the same way; this waned as extended family learned to just get LEGO gift cards.

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i don't recall buying many dupes, given my sparse cash funds as is, but when i was younger, somehow, i just kept getting THOK as a gift, like, i got Irnakk, who contains thok, then i got a thok, then, a year or so later... another thok! (to be fair i got a similar number of vezoks, and two avaks, gosh, piraka have a lot of useless parts to have more than one of. x: )

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I have a second sidorak still in the box just in case my original set somehow gets damaged or destroyed. I know that's pretty paranoid of me, but I just love that set way too much for my own good.


As far as g2 goes, I have multiples of many sets, mostly for parts. I also have an entire second set of all the 2015 summer sets on display at my station at work. My boss makes fun of me for them a lot.


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I have multiples of sets from big parts bins and gifts, but I never buy multiples of one set. I'm more a collector, and extra pieces don't really do much for me. I got a second Kopaka Master of Ice this Christmas and I'm thinking I'll keep it sealed for a day when it might be worth a lot.




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