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Gali Nuva 2016 Revamp


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Hi BZP! long time no see! I'm not completely disappear, it's just college is a time consuming ahahaha. I have very limited parts as always since moving to college, all of my parts are on the other side of the world so...


Gali Nuva 2016 Revamp, pretty satisfied with the torso design but not the limbs, especially lower legs, I have no idea how to fix this with little amount of parts. She got a harpoon-kind-of gun instead of a spear.





Click for bigger image


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10



C&C are welcomed!

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That torso design is amazing, however it looks like it is not attached very securely.


Thank you, yes, I need to sacrifice the playability for aesthetic, but the build is actually pretty solid.



I'll second the torso appreciation. The harpoon gun is pretty cool as well. I can't decide if I like the skull spider thighs or not. I think the're just a bit too big.



I want to bring kind of feminine looks, so I thought of buffing the thighs, so I added skull spider masks.

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After getting Uniter Gali and finding the set to be the most disappointing thing to ever exist in the universe, this MOC warms my heart. I've always been a fan of Gali (for the character and nothing else), and I felt the 2016 set deprived her just what I liked about her: character. This MOC brings it back with a bang, and I love it! 

I do have some suggestions/critiques:

1) How does she look with the 2015 Mask(s) of Water?

2) Try replacing the short light blue eyestalk with a trans yellow-green eyestalk as it helps bring out the eyes and light pipes much better than the light blue when paired with the head piece.


All in all, great MOC. For me, it makes the character have character again, I couldn't be happier than I am now after seeing it. Keep it up with the super mega awesome fantastic MOCs!

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Nice job! :) It's good to see a new Gali with so much blue, especially transparent! I think you did a good job of balancing lots of different shades of it in one MOC. My favorite part is that her harpoon has pieces on it that resemble tentacles (or maybe even part of a trident!); I think this really helps to give this new Gali some appropriate identification with her water element, much as the Galis of the past have had fishhooks, propellers, or even just a mask without holes to suggest something that can be worn underwater.


Nice work, even with limited parts, and thanks for posting! :)

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