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The Zyglak


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"Shunned by their creators and hated and feared throughout the Matoran Universe, the savage Zyglak retreated to the dark places of the universe, such as ruins, and the underground recesses of Voya Nui, brooding over their fate and hating the Matoran and all who honored Mata Nui."












The goal here was to update the Zyglak, but also keep that weird and alien look to it that the original had. Let me know what you think, and have a good day!

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The goal has been met- it's familiar, with the head, glowing red eyes, and spikes, not to mention that tail, and it's certainly unusual in terms of aesthetics.

I like how the white continues all the way down from the head, and out to the tail. Is it armor, is it its spine? Either way, it draws my eye.

I like that you were able to keep the dark red and the dark blue in the color scheme, though I wish you could have incorporated some dark blue into the torso as well. I know the original had the dark red dominating the body, but it seems a little strange just to have the blue in one place. I might be over-thinking it.

I like that you kept the orange in the tail, and added the spikes. Makes the transition from white armor to orange a little easier I think.

This guy is bulky, well-armored, very few gaps.. I like that a lot. Very solid.
Plus, the tongue. I don't know why I like that so much, but I do.
I wish there were some way to fill the gap between the two blade pieces used to make up the jaw, though. Something that bugged me about the original combiner too.

All in all though, nice work. :)

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This is amazing.

The original Zyglak looked absolutley terrible...

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