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Chi Vardy - Revamp


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Now this one and Fluminox (still in WIP, need his wings and few finger pieces, can post of the current progress if interested though) have a funny story to them, after being disappointed by the Force Awakens movie I lost interest in getting Kylo and Phasma (still gonna get the regular storm trooper and maybe Rey though) and for some reason I felt the need to revamp an official set, no  idea why... and for no actual reason really I chose those two to under go some make over.

I purposefully gave so few ribs since he was frozen in ice, once getting out of  it something(s) tend to stay in the ice, and since he is a vulture he should have an eternal craving for feeding upon something, like an actual zombie, the wings are also for the same reason look so skeletal and only with little amount of feathers.


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The wings, while of good and original design, look kind of heavy and the lower legs look weak...but you were going for the avian appearance for the latter, and that's okay. He is a little jumbled to my eyes. The staff is nice, though, it's always good to see the ol' mata skull poppin' around.

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