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Need help completing Kanohi + Kraata collections!


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Pic 1: what I have


Pic 2: what's for trade (or sale, but trading takes priority)


Pic 3: kraata I have (red line = I have it)


The rest of the kraata pics are the ones I have for trade.


My krana collections are complete (minus stuff like VMKK's and SSKK) and I only need a few more Kanohi to complete the Mata, noble, and Nuva collections. If you see any spots you can fill and will trade, don't hesitate to tell me! There's a few I'm missing here and there besides those so if you have something you don't see there, let me know. I'll give you a good trade value for any masks or kraata I'm missing. I will trade a protodermic Hau Nuva for the protodermic Kakama Nuva.


Anything else, just ask.

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I give people $1.50-$2 trade value per piece when they offer up kraata I don't have in exchange for a discount on their bricklink order, so I would ask for somewhere in that range. I'd rather trade than sell though, I'm probably going to have to end up paying more for less kraata if I sell.


I've been on Lion's Den before, and while he does have a few things I need I'm trying to save up money for a VMKK, which is also why I'd rather trade.

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Not exactly sure what you mean by trade value other than that the price would be lowered if I had kraata to trade. I understand you'd prefer to trade if possible, but I don't think I have any karats to offer you. The only things I could find that I have and you don't are the tan huna and light gray ruru but it might be a while before I could pick them up from my parents' house. If you can't find a trade, I would be interested in buying them.

A Turaga

You are a very wise Turaga.

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hey, didnt you say that your spare kraata werent going anywhere yet? you said in our PM that you would save the kraata for our sale or trade. 

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