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ARCH 7078-28: Kopaka and Protector of Ice Combiner Model

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A Defender and Arbiter that may have origins from the time of the Mask Makers, this ARCH 7078-28 descends from the skies with a grace rarely exhibited by a machine. Equipped with a Repeating Launcher, High-Precision Rifle, Long-Range Boosters and Proto-Alloy Talons that have been known to rend Steel-Bark Trees, the ancient construction executes its tasks surely and swiftly.



This creation may be built solely from the parts contained in 70788 Kopaka and 70782 Protector of Ice. Apologies for only coming up with this a full year past their release - I only obtained these sets a short while ago. Hey, my 2001-3 combiners were more than 10 years late, so that's progress. ^_^


Though its status as a robot might make it a bit harder to integrate into the Okoto wildlife than a Rahi, I guess it could fulfill a role not unlike the rogue Exo-Toa from Gen 1?


More images, including exploded views that may be easily replicated, can be found on my Flickr here



Any criticism is greatly appreciated! My Paint.net competence is pretty abysmal, so any pointers in that department are welcome as well.

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I love the way the blaster arm looks! Very nice build overall. I think it would be a good dark hunter idea for Okoto (I honestly hope they bring the Dark Hunters back). Good job!


Other great bands:

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Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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