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Hello all!


I've got a bit of an odd request. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Mocpages.com or not: it's a free, online community where builders can post their mocs to share with other fans and enthusiasts, get comments/criticisms, participate in competitions, etc. I've been checking the site every so often for several years now and always enjoyed the creativity and handiwork of the builders, but never made an account myself.


Recently, an opportunity for a sale (BST is my home forum, I'll freely admit) with a Mocpages member has come to my attention, but I have no way of communicating with them except through the Mocpages site. With perfectly inconvenient timing, the site's servers have been on the fritz for the last month or so, leaving me unable to create a new account and thus without a way to contact this member.


I was wondering if by chance any of you has an old Mocpages account they don't use any more (or do, if they're comfortable with that), and if perhaps they'd be willing to lend me the login and password so I can get in touch with this particular member. Unless otherwise instructed by them, I would not make any alterations to the username, password, or email of the account, and would "return" it to them as soon as the deal was complete. 


I'd just really hate to miss this good opportunity, as an avid buyer/seller of bonkles, and so am perhaps really reaching here but thought it was worth a shot! If you have an account on Mocpages (making a new one won't work, a friend has already given that a shot) that you'd be willing to let me use for a wee bit, shoot me a PM or comment below. Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the pointers! I've tried with two different email addresses and done the "forgot my password" reset several times, the problem is that the confirmation emails never come through and so I can't use the login. So it's something to do with their email system.

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Thanks for the pointer! I'll be mindful of that.


Tried using a burner address, same thing, but good idea though! Fortunately I did manage to find someone to contact the site member, so it's all good! Just waiting to hear back now.


Also, I'm totally digging the Switchfoot lyrics in your signature! By far my favorite band of all time!!

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