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I'm back! (Latest art summary + Kopaka, uniter form)


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It's been a while since I last wrote in this forum... well, here we are again!


I just wanted to show you some of my latest Bonkle art I did in this period, from oldest to newest:



Bionicle: Journey to One poster

Third place in the Journey to Netflix contest! (oh, and the animations of that one seem promising enough)



Another prototype Bionicle: Reborn logo

Quick doodle



Pohatu, matoran (basic) form, without his armor/kanohi

Hmm.....I think it's the edgiest thing I've ever made. Not too friendly in this timeline, indeed.....



Toa Kalikiki (matoran + Power-up), giftart for KaibaGal

Sudden gift I made her, in my own style



Powered-up Narmoto

His combat form. Took inspiration from both samurais and spartan warriors



Powered-up Kulta, Skull Gr1nder (pencil sketch)

Kulta turns into a giant, massive skull robot



All six heroes + Power-up forms in Bionicle: Reborn

Six heroes, one destiny



Toa Luhan, Powered-up, giftart for ToaLuhan

First painting without lineart I recently made


And now for the newest piece I just finished:



Kopaka, Uniter form

My own, brutal take on 2016 Kopaka. Just wanted to give him some sort of "Yoshimitsu" vibe



Well, hope you enjOI my gallery! :3


Oh, and my Journey to Netflix third prize finally arrived last month! It's amazing! Thanks a lot for the support <3

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Your art is always appreciated.


I must complain that Pohatu looks a bit red in the one subtitled "Six Heroes, One Destiny"

Ohh thanks a lot mate!


And yes, I HATE BROWN: when I color, it's brown.

When I see the colored picture somewhere else, it's reddish brown! [...] D:<

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I love these, especially the Kopaka uniter! You might want to tone down the bloom effects though, they're starting to overwhelm the pictures.


Your art is hecka dynamic. Seems to be some Eva inspiration in that Kulta art, too.

But yeah, little too much bloom.

Alright... I just noticed there's a lot of bloom...

Thanks a lot for the advice <3

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