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Flickr Contest 1/16 Voting

Flickr Contest 1/16 Voting  

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Flickr Contest - January 2016

This is it... it's time to vote in the January 2016 Flickr Contest!

Voting begins January 30th and ends February 2nd at 11:59 P.M. EST.
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on February 3rd.


BZP Rules and Guidelines


1. 201601_09.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Swamp Gorgat

2. 201601_11.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Untitled

3. 201601_08.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> The Jabbawock

4. 201601_06.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Putuah Master of Mummification

5. 201601_12.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Teneu FLARE

6. 201601_10.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> The Sentinel: Guardian of New Xia

7. 201601_01.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Diablos

8. 201601_07.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Dyanu - Keeper of knowledge

9. 201601_05.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Shentulu

10. 201601_04.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Draphina, Dragonborn Mistress

11. 201601_03.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Astrid the Vanquisher

12. 201601_02.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Valen 2.0

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I feel like Entry 3 would make the best cover photo, but Flickr cover photos are screwy and frustrating so really I have no idea. I voted for Entry 3 anyhow. Entry 11 is probably my favorite MOC in the competition, but "tall" MOCs just don't make as good cover photos as long or wide MOCs, from my experience. Unless there's some trick to making an effective Flickr cover photo that I'm not aware of.

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