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After I got the brain attack sets of 2013, I started wondering what they'd look like with swapped brains. I rebuilt each set whilst making sure each of them had trans pieces corresponding with it's brain (except Ogrum, no glow in the dark shells for him unfortunately).

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I'm not sure if I particularly enjoy the color schemes brought on by these swaps, but the concept is cool. Also saw a few updates to the weak points in the official sets' builds. Nicely done. Dragon Bolt is probably my favorite.

Currently entering Phase One, with 3% chance of complete personality breakdown.

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Yeah some of the colour schemes are a bit off, it's was practically inevitable that one or two would get  a sub optimal colour swap.



Scarox looks pretty nice - the color scheme really works. 

Yeah Scarox was the first one I did, and one of my favorites too.



(Frost Beast's red-white-blue isn't my personal favorite)

Yeah maybe I should have used less red on frost beast, but I needed something for his claws so I picked red.


Dragon Bolt is probably my favorite.

Dragon bolt was tough, I was low on parts when I got to him. Trans yellow isn't exactly common but I knew it was the colour that would go best with his existing yellow. It's good to know I did a good job on him.

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