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Bionicle 2015 Protector Mods


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These are my mods of the Protectors.


First off is Narmoto Protector of Fire. His changes are

1. Arms are more like the ones from the animations and the feet are changed to red

2. Weapons are changed to Fire Tonfas using the fire pieces from Chima

3. Shoulder cannon is changed so it can fold onto the back








Next of is Korgot Protector of Earth. Her mods are

1. More filled out chest and studs for blaster are changed to trans purple

2. Modified arm construction so its closer to body

3. Weapon changed to Star Mace






Next up is Kivoda Protector of Water. His changes are

1. Changed up weapon to feature lights so He can see while underwater

2. Turbines mounted to back and on hinges to move around

3. Chest uses the same 5M shell like Gali has






Next up is Nilkuu Protector of Stone. His changes are

1. More armored and more Dark Orange pieces.

2. Weapon is modified to be held more naturally.

3. White spikes replaced with silver






Next up is Vizuna Protector of Jungle. His changes are

1. Transparent bones and green armor like Lewa

2. Smaller one handed crossbow and Katana for weapons

3. Long tail inspired from the 2 books.






Last up is Izotor Protector of Ice. His changes are

1. Weapons are an Ice Sword. Ice Saw shield and handheld blaster. Ice Saw shield can move for cutting and blocking

2. White feet and more compact torso.

3. Light Azure upper arms and legs.







Last picture is a group shot



Comments and criticism appreciated

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Not bad workmanship-they do look closer to the animations.

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