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Lewa & Protector Combination Model


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Lewa, the Arrow of Jungle (combination build of Master of Jungle/Protector of Jungle). 

When a skull spider attacks and poisons Vizuna, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to help Lewa in his quest. 


Come at me bro



Remove the shoulder armor from Lewa and move the friction extenders from the hips to the shoulders. This helps compensate for the large weight of the bow. Everything else should be clear from the pictures; the bow shape can be changed and there are a few pieces left over to customize further. A few connections are a bit flimsy due to the limited parts, especially near the bow-cannon. Action feature still works, though isn't of much use, stud shooter works as well.



I will be making a similar combination for all of the 2015 sets and then I will be moving on to do combination builds for all 4 of the 2015/2016 sets. I want to follow a set theme for each of the Toa to make sense canon wise. The bow for Lewa is an extension of the bow that the Protector of Jungle gives Lewa as part of their official combination. 

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I like the idea of a bow for the jungle element, it evokes an image of a hunter stalking its prey in the forest. But yeah, I agree that the bow as a weapon is overused, and I especially hate how the launchers don't really make sense with the bow arms - you really just need the launcher (like the Protector of Fire) and nothing fancy around that. 


There weren't enough pieces in the Master/Protector sets, but combining it with the Uniter sets it should be possible to actually make a bow that makes sense, with an arrow instead of a gattling gun in the middle.

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Y'know it's really hit the fan when you use your little buddy as a weapon.


Nice build, really digging the use of ball joints to get the curve of the bow. And I like bows on my Bionicles, even the ones that don't shoot arrows.

Hand-drawn, bespoke avatar by none other than Mushy the Mushroom.


a body adrift in water, salt, and sky

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This is a really nice MOC! The bow is huge and showy in a RWBY way, but it's nice and very well done. Instructions, por favor?

I'm thinking of making a combination build of all 4 of the Jungle sets and making a cool flying archer (there are some sweet pieces in the Uniter set that I really could have used here).

Please do this. Pleeeeeeaaaase.

"Remember when the comics forum had a lot of good stuff? Let's make that a thing again." -Kazi the Matoran

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Thanks guys! I got a much better setup so I can take much better pics now. I'm gonna redo the MOC and take a few more shots for instructions.


I will definitely start working on combining everything in the Jungle as well!


Edit: Updated first post, check it out! Next up, Onua.

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