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Revamp: William Furno, Alpha Team Rookie

Logan McOwen

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William Furno, Alpha Team Rookie





When Furno was created in the Assembly Tower, Hero Factory's founder, Akiyama Makuro, noted that there was something different about him. After Furno's construction was complete he was placed in the Quaza Chamber for charging, at which point the reaction in his core caused by his charging nearly blew the Tower off the map. He successfully captured the Villain Rotor, and has helped in the capturing of the rest of Von Nebula's gang as well as the mastermind himself. He later fought the Fire Villains with the rest of the team but was defeated. In order to defeat the villains he was upgraded to Furno 2.0.


The chestplate is from a "Fusion Warriors" figure.




Front, Pose








Back, 3/4




Pose, running




Pose, standing his ground

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Now THIS is what HF should have looked like. :P


Seriously, this is cool, and it looks like it could be an actual set! May I ask where you got those lovely keetorange lower leg bones? :P

I think they may have been in the Lewa 2015 set?

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I have them all :P

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