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Poll: Is the variety of forums BZPower has an asset?


By subforum, I mean the names on the forum index like Bionicle Storyline and Theories, General Discussion, Bionicle RPG, etc.  

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1. I post in a lot of different Forums. Right now those are mainly Games and Trivia, News and Discussion, and the General Bionicle Forum. But I wouldn't restrict myself only those Forums, since I do visit other spots on the site every once in a while.


2. I think its one of BZP's strengths. Having a lot of different things to talk about here is great IMO, even if I don't always join in on the conversation.


3. If a member's topic makes it to the front page or if a Staff Member is hosting a contest, I will most likely check it out. I also sometimes just visit Forums I wouldn't otherwise simply out of boredom, just to see what's going on on that part of the site.

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Most of my activity is in LEGO Discussion but I also do a fair bit of posting in News Discussion, here in General Discussion, in Completely Off-Topic, and occasionally in the creative forums (mostly when I see something there that piques my interest).
I voted that I was unable to generalize about the site's variety of forums. There are some divisions that I think are frankly quite useful, and others that I think could stand to be trimmed down. For instance, I'm not sure how relevant the Comedies forum is anymore now that tags are a thing. I feel like I would feel more motivated to read comedies if they were grouped together with other stories and tagged as comedies than with them sequestered off on their own. And with increasing amounts of storyline discussion in the Bionicle Discussion forum I'm not totally sure how much sense it makes to keep those ones separate. At the same time, I don't think the variety is "intimidating", necessarily, nor is it "not important". It just isn't always intuitive or optimal for the present state of the community.


Featured news stories, friends' projects, and social media posts can steer me towards forums I don't check or post in regularly. So can boredom and curiosity. I don't check Fan-Created Media often, for instance, because there's not often stuff there that interests me. But it's the kind of thing that if there were stuff there that interested me, I wouldn't want to miss it. So I check every now and then just to make sure that if somebody has started making, say, original Bionicle music, I can give it the attention it deserves.


But frankly there are some forums that pretty much nothing motivates me to check, like the "Games and More" and "Buy/Sell/Trade" forums. This is not to say I don't think these forums matter to BZPower, or that I'd have more interest in their content if it were somewhere else. I just don't particularly want to take part in those kinds of topics, and don't think I'd gain much from visiting them unless I intend to take part. Those are all very participation-based forums.

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