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Legacy of Protectors Generation 2 #1 Very Start


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There is a small and unknown clan of heroes and anti-heroes called the LoP or Legacy of Protectors. They have been small and not known until a character who remains unnamed crashed onto their island.


This is his story.


Karda Nui, Outer Ridges, 11:20 Matoran Time


Lynis, a very skilled swordsman and hunter, walked past the owner of a small boxed out boat, due for Xia. He had been allied with the Dark Hunters until the Shadowed One's fall, to which he escaped and now resided in a small hut on the outskirts of a desert not known to have a name.


"Is she commissioned?" he asked in a deep tone. 


The owner turned out to be sleeping and Lynis decided to steal it instead. 

He climbed in and fell on his back with a large crash. He found himself to his feet and found the wheel. The water seemed rather calm, and not swarmed with bat-like Makuta and the now defeated Icarax. Lynis's armour had been cloaked in a rather large cloak, coloured silver and black to hide his armour. He sat down after putting the boat on self drive, which was used on most boats like that model.

He stared at the sky and watched the birds and other winged animals fly around.


"I wonder what it would be like, to have wings. Oh no I'm talking to myself again."


A voice suddenly came forth in the back of his round head.


"Oh you'll know in time." 


Before Lynis jumped up from shock, the boat stopped. He had reached Xia. Before his time, the BoM had created a weapon called a Yuri-Ion Trap, which when used sucked the light out of anything in a mile radius. 


Lynis hopped out of his boat. What he wanted to do on Xia is unknown. 

He looks around the base of the isle, wondering if he had gotten to Xia or some nearby island. 

He then spotted something on the ground. A tooth from a lizard? No this is strange. Lynis thought hard as he approached the weird object. He proceeded to reach out and grab it. The object inevitably blew up, revealing it to be a Yuri-Ion trap. Lynis blacked out from the pressure of having his light sucked out of him.


Something had happened to him though, something to disturbing to be thought of. The trap had malfunctioned and created a light version of Lynis after sucking his light. This light form was stored in the back of the new Lynis's head.


He laid there for days. Eventually two Av-Matoran walked by. Jinak and Mirak found this unconscious body, armour badly damaged. They made the decision to wake him from his slumber.    

After names and a punch in the face, Lynis woke up and agreed to walk with them back to base. 


There he waited for Jinak to open the door. Once opened, the trio walked past a varying arrange or items from creature heads to the drained Mask of Light. But it is here that Lynis met his old friend who leads the LoP, Scatez. His first mission was also given here.


The clone in the back of his head? That has more meaning later on in Lynis's story.



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