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Neat. You managed to capture Xplode's chaotic, manical look perfectly with this Moc. The only flaw I see is the lower legs; they just seem to bulky to me. Plus, the Visorak leg is dark red, not bright red. The use of the Raw Jaw arms as shoulder pads is ingenious, and the yellow "claws" seem like overkill, which is TOTALLY Xplode. Again, the dark red is a garish blemish on this otherwise nice Moc. Great job again!9.5/10


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I have to be honest, the first word that came to mind when I saw this, was.. Gangsta! The guy looks skinny, not as ridiculously twig like with the arms on the original set, more of a sleek kind of skinny, and I like that; but it also appears the man bot means business. I think the spikes on the lower arms go well with the rest, and I could believe the ones on the shoulders to be missiles, as seen in the cartoons. The 'bling' around the neck is pretty cool too, the blue bit looks a little out of place, but I like it anyway. It's different, and different can be good. I do wish, however, that the original Glatorian Shin Armor was used instead of that Metru-red Visorak foot piece.. the Color looks more out of place than the blue on the 'bling'. But overall, I quite enjoy this moc of this character, very well done. :)Will you be Mocing more of the 1.0 villains, such as Thunder, Rotor, or even Vapour?

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wow. just wow. i absolutely LOVE the chest, and how you incorporated the new hf system into it. also, great job on the lower legs and back. the legs kinda remind me of your earlier soundwave moc.


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This is really cool! I love the new set of spikes on his shoulders, and the torso design is very impressive. I'm not exactly a fan of the jewelry, though. It just looks out of place. The lower legs look a little too bulky. If the feet were much larger, then it's look better. I'm not saying he looks bad, just that some things look to me like they need improvement. I'm glad you kept his original weapons, and made him less of a hunchback.Overall, aside from the lower legs and jewels, I like him! Nice job!signoffffff.png

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This is awesome. Like said above, the shins are a little to bulky (and the Metru red Visorak leg) ,but other wise, this is an epic MOC. The Raw-jaw "paws" with the orange spines, works really well for the exploding spines. And his "bling" is pretty great ^_^

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