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Chaotix Redesigning an old moc

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​Ok so I was digging through my garage and found a very very old moc. Now I haven't made a moc in a very long time(at least eight years or so ) But just before I found Chaotix (the name a gave him when I was younger) I had repurposed another Visorak moc as a phone holder/charger and this got me into a building mood, so I decided to redesign Chaotix from the ground up. what do you guys think? Have you ever done something like this?

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I recently (this summer) remade a moc from nine years ago. Pretty much the same look but a little more sturdy, so yeah. i'm afraid i don't have any pictures yet

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TheSkeletonMan939, Twister92, SPIRIT and Gatanui are awesome for uploading soundtracks and games and stuff.

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