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Okoto Alphabet Font


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Hey everyone, I'm not very active on BZP these days, but I just wanted to share this here.


I made a TrueType font of the Okoto Alphabet, using the guide at the back of the Gathering of the Toa graphic novel. You can download it here.


Currently it's just the letters, no numbers since no official Okoto Numerals have been shown (as far as I know). If and when they are, I will go back and add them. Until then, I'm planning on adding the Toa's masks plus a few others in place of actual numbers, like the Mask of Light-era Matoran Font. But that will be a while from now. Hey, look at that, I actually did it. Go me!


I drew the symbols as perfectly square 9x9 images, so I recommend only sizing this font in multiples of 9, so that it scales properly and doesn't get stretched or squished. The characters are vector images now, so you can disregard this.



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