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Kopaka is Evis Confirmed!

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Kopaka is Elvis

Is the King of Rock and Roll also the King of Ice and Snow? Well, when was the last time Elvis Presley and Kopaka were seen in the same room together? Don’t you find it convenient that Kopaka can never seem to recall where he came from? I have been asking myself these very questions for the last 15 years of my life and I have concluded that yes, Kopaka is in fact Elvis Presley. Allow me to explain.

Elvis Presley allegedly died in 1977. This gave Elvis 24 years to transform himself into the toa that we now call Kopaka. That is plenty of time for his transformation to take place. While this fact is far from conclusive, it is important to note the methods one takes when disappearing from society and how one hides their identity.

5 Methods of Disappearing

  • Be prepared to start over from scratch- Kopaka started with nothing but his mask, shield, and ice sword.
  • Practice introducing yourself with your new name- "I am Kopaka, and I work under no command" as opposed to, “I’m Elvis baby”
  • Adopt new mannerisms, dress, and behaviors- Cold personality as opposed to charming and outgoing
  • Move far away from friends, family and employers- Went from living at Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116 to a nonspecific location in Ko-Koro
  • Keep a low profile- While some may consider being a toa of ice a fairly high profile job occupation, Kopaka was known for often keeping to himself and based on statistics from Google trends, the amount of searches for Kopaka from 2005-Present is negligible to that of Elvis Presley’s.


However, despite how convincing the Kopaka persona may be, there are a number of instances in which he has slipped up. For example, in the pictures provided at the end of this report you’ll notice that Elvis, despite his efforts in hiding his true identity, often still possesses many of the same mannerisms as he did as a rock n’ roll hero. You’ll also find that he has a hard time abandoning his classic white color scheme (which progressively gets worse as you’ll notice he started adopting flashier colors such as blue and gold).

Now prepare yourself, because this next point may send chills down your spine. In the year 1961, Elvis wrote the song “I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell.” This statement is such a dichotomy from the Kopaka we know today that it’s uncanny. If you notice in the 2015 animation shorts, Kopaka, after allegedly slipping, quickly (almost too quickly) stated, “I didn’t slip!” His haste to correct the doubt in anybody’s mind that he might of slipped only suggests that he is trying to alleviate any suspicion that he might be Elvis (who we know has no problem admitting to slipping). Now this may seem conclusive, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly. During the animation, we don’t actually see his feet and his arms move in a manner that doesn’t quite resemble slipping. That is because he didn’t actually slip. In all actuality, Kopaka was breaking into a dance floor move that is commonly seen in many of Elvis’ live performances. After quickly realizing his mistake, he claims that he didn’t slip in order to fool anyone watching into believing that he did in fact slip.

However, I am not the first to have come to this conclusion. There is one other who, for many years now, has been spearheading the research of the Kopaka/Elvis conspiracy. And that man is none other than Corny Rempel himself! The voice actor of Kopaka in Bionicle: The Journey to One. Rempel has been an award winning Elvis tribute for 15 years (the same amount of years it’s been since Kopaka first introduced himself). In order to fully understand Elvis’ motives behind faking his death Rempel sought to impersonate Elvis, to live life as he did, so that he may better understand him. Once he was convinced that he fully understood Elvis as we was, Rempel went on to impersonate him again, but this time as who he became: Kopaka Uniter of Ice. Just as with his Elvis impersonation career, he excelled in capturing and taking on the role as Kopaka. It only took 2 episodes for him to come to his conclusion. Even though he still has yet to reveal his findings to the public, he did hint at it after being unable to secure an interview with Spirit on the BS01 podcast. This is likely because he is still putting the data together and preparing it for publication.

While this may be a lot to take in for most, and for many it may be too much, I encourage you to put aside your emotions for the cold-hearted and sometimes arrogant ice hero and accept the fact that this has all been a facade. Elvis knew that darkness was rising and that the only way he could fight the Makuta and prevent his reign of terror was to fake his own death and take on the role as a toa of ice. Instead of being angry with him, you should respect him for giving up his life as a hero of the people to become a hero for the people.

Below are the undeniably conclusive images that show proof that Kopaka and Elvis are in fact the same person. Pay close attention to the similar color schemes and mannerisms between the photos. You'll notice that regardless of what form Kopaka is in, he still struggles to hide his taste in style.


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Who exactly is this 'Evis'? He sounds awfully like someone else I've heard of... Hmmmm...



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If I may add my own research to this conspiricy, according to Google Trends, Kopaka has been most searched in Indonesia.




What's interesting about Indonesia is that Elvis Presley met with their first president, Kusno Soekarno. 




Now, I am hesitant to jump to conclusions, as kopaka may just be a word or a place in Indonesia. However, Soekarno had just begun adopting a more left wing approach to president-ing, supporting the Indonesia Communist Party when meeting Elvis in 1961. American propaganda in the 1940s, only 20 years before, taught people that communists were anti-capitalist and had no concept of western cultural icons. If Elvis's only knowledge of Indonesia was this, he would have thought it was the perfect place to dissapear to because no one would recognise him.


Consider this extract from a book on Indonesian culture.




It turns out that there were people who recognised Elvis, and loved him in fact. Elvis therefore had to go to his last resort plan, taking on a new identity. He met Lewa, (which must be the one we all know because if you type Lewa in google images, you only get pictures of him), who was in Indonesia at the time as stated in the extract. Upon deciding to become a partialy organic robot, he adopted a new name, Kopaka. However, the Indonesian Elvis maniacs got wind of this, searching google for information on their idol, explaining the google trends data.


Additionally, Elvis attempted to mislead people in choosing the name Kopaka. However, we Bzptorans are not fooled.

Kopaka is clearly an acronym for "King Of Pop Also Known As", which appears to attempt to suggest that Kopaka is actually Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop, not Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. In fact, Kopaka's "I didn't slip" scene appears to show him moonwalking, the signature dance move of Micheal Jackson. However, as Azon proves, the white, blue, and gold armour and song reference give him away.

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good theory 10/10


Edit: wow, I just realized I've been on BZP for FIVE WHOLE YEARS now... yesterday was my BZP birthday. Time sure flies...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have been on here for SIX WHOLE YEARS now.

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I've been authorized to post this message.


Well done, BZPower member Azon. We of the K.E.H.A.K. (Keep Elvis Hidden As Kopaka) have striven for the past fifteen years to keep this secret. The depths you must have gone to find all of this information, and the sheer power of your deductions is admirable. For that, I commend you on behalf of all members of the K.E.H.A.K.


That being said, we cannot allow this to spread any further than it has. Within twenty-four hours, the K.E.H.A.K. will perform a wipe over this forum and remove all traces of this thread. Your membership will be terminated.


Do not worry for your safety, Azon. We'll keep you safe, just as safe as this secret we hold. Do not try to flee. We will not harm you.

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This is old news.


Topic closed.

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