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Back in my day (early 2000s), LEGO.com made good online games.  :P


But seriously. 


What non-Bionicle games did you play on the Lego website, if any? What was your favorite? Do you still play any of them now? What about newer games?


I played a whole lot of Junkbot Undercover, and I have a vague memory of the Johnny Thunder game and the Alpha Team First Encounter game. But I'd have to say my favorite game of all was the Spybotics game. I found it online and played through it not too long ago, and it still holds up. 

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Junkbot was an awesome game. However, I remember my favorite being Lego Backlot... it's not really that great of a game, but the 3D graphics (which are kinda bad by today's standards, but back in the day they were awesome) and the plethora of glitches to be found made it a really fun experience. I spent hours with that game just running around and finding different ways to get to places you weren't meant to go. :P

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Loved both Junkbot games, Supersonic RC, some of the Johnny Thunder games, Dino Attack, the Creator Worldbuilder games, and a bunch more, I'm sure. I've actually played Dino Attack and one of the Johnny Thunder games pretty recently, but Supersonic RC hasn't been working on my computer and I can only find the first game of both Junkbot and Worldbuilder.

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Lego Backlot, Junkbot & the MNOG are the best games produced by Lego! (When they were still failing to escape bankruptcy & kept wasting money on unprofitable things & too many colors.)

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That one Drome Racers game, where you picked a team and got a car, then raced on random tracks against other people.  With the Bump Missiles and Paint Spray, written in pure HTML or something like that.  Five-year-old me had like a dozen Paint Sprays, before I figured out there was no way I could fit them all onto my car.  (Maverick forevah, yo!)


If I could find the stupid thing, I'd play it, but it's vanished from the internet.  I can't even find screenshots.


Yeah, I played a lot of these... the Johnny Thunder games, Spybotics, Junkbot, WorldBuilder, Backlot... those were the days...  you know, I even liked VNOG, minus the fact it refused to save your game right.  Kindof like a last hurrah for a golden age of online games.  I think the newest ones I've played were Mask of Creation, Glatorian Arena, and the 3D Star Wars game, I think it was called 'Hunt for R2-D2' or something.  That was fun, scoring a perfect hit on a droid so that the top fell off but the legs were still standing up.  There'd be a pile of droid parts on the floor and pairs of legs sticking up all over the place =P

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Junkbot and Junkbot Undercover were great old-school LEGO games. LEGO World Builder was alright but I can't remember how far I ever got on it... some levels were quite a challenge. Supersonic RC was great even though it was fairly simple, all things considered.


Some more recent LEGO online games have been pretty great as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the LEGO Hero Factory Breakout online game from 2012. LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinball from the same year was fun, but in some levels very challenging, much like World Builder. I also greatly enjoyed the first couple levels of this year's LEGO Ninjago Skybound game, though I haven't really been back to play it since then. That has more to do with me not being much of a gamer than with it not being a good game... which could also explain why there are a lot of games (old and new alike) that I never really even tried.

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I also played junkbot(stuck on the last level), that alpha team game(didn't complete it either) and those johnny thunder games (that platform game was really awesome :D)

Besides that, also that game from Dino 2010.

And there was a creator game that I thought was absolutely amazing :D

TheSkeletonMan939, Twister92, SPIRIT and Gatanui are awesome for uploading soundtracks and games and stuff.

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Backlot was good, even though I could never figure out what I was supposed to do, and even when I did it didn't seem to work.

​Also liked trying to get my character run over by the cars. The open world-ish nature of the game was neat.

​oh and junkbot but come on everybody picks it

(shout out to max)

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Spybotics, man. Such a good game.


And then it cropped up in some college readings recently.


Did it really? In what context?


There's a book by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman called "Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals" that discusses The Nightfall Incident as an integration of story and gameplay. The story is environmental and told through mission descriptions and all rather than being fed out through cutscenes.

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Backlot. I loved that game and it doesn't work anymore, god freaking GER!!!!

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